November 19, 2013

Hey mom!!

Not sure I’ll write next week, so this might be it! 😐

This week was pretty awesome, we had a baptism. Her name is Angel and she’s 12. She’s really shy, but super awesome and we are just so excited for her! Everyone else has kinda fallen off the radar, which is sad, but we are still working hard to contact them and work to the end!

I can’t wait to see you guys again, and then to come back and visit my mission! there are a lot of people I want you to meet, and a lot of things to do! So, I hope you’re ready. Have you figured out dates yet? Let me know soon…

I love you and I will see you soon.

Sister Kuoha


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November 12, 2013

Hey mom!!

Everything’s going awesome!! Our baptism is this Saturday, at 3pm! If you could please pray for her, that would be awesome! We need all the help we can get. I love this work and I’m getting really anxious to leave. I don’t want to go! but I do… but I don’t… haha. I don’t even know.

But I’m most excited to see all of you. sister burtenshaw went home last Wednesday and she said she booked her flight and will be flying in the same day as me! so I hope the time isn’t too far apart or when I get released, cuz we need to pick her up! haha. Also, the Daye family can’t make it…. 😦 but we will see them when we come back!!!

Thanks for being the best most awesome family ever!

I love you all and will see you soon!!!

❤ Brittany<

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November 5, 2013

Hi Mom!

Haha – remember, remember the 5th of November!!! I miss making V cupcakes and cookies. 😛 But I hope you all have a good 5th!! 🙂

Thanks for all the pics! looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! Yeah, it snowed last night, so we woke up to about 3/4 of an inch. But its all been melting off, but only when the sun hits it.

Anyway, haha, I’m pretty excited for this month, we have 2 people on date for the 16th, one is kinda shady. It seems like all the adults we teach need welfare… and then once they get it, they get shady. So, it’s really hard to not be discouraged about people not wanting to meet with us for the actual GOSPEL part of things…

But anyway, they are good, they just need more of the SPIRIT!! So we’re working on it. I’m stoked for you all to come and meet my friends! haha. I’m excited.

Well, we had a really cool conference with Elder Arnold of the 70 and his wife! They are awesome and really taught us a lot. We learned a lot about finding more people to teach and about getting them to really understand the gospel and how it can help them. And that we are the ones that have this information, and are set apart to teach it!! Anyway, it was a really good conference and I learned a lot more, it’s just all in my notebook. 😛

Well, there’s really nothing else to report for this week, but I love you all and I miss you and I’ll see you SOOOOOON!!!!!


❤ Sister Kuoha

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October 29, 2013

Hey mom!!

Thanks for all your prayers. No thanks to all your talk of delicious food! haha. We actually get fed pretty well here, but its nothing compared to home!!

Our investigators are doing well! We had 3 of them come to church with us this past Sunday!!! It was AMAZING! And two of them are on track to be baptized on the 16th!! I am super stoked and that’s all I want to do before going home is to help these people become closer to God!! And they are all great people. We are so stoked! This Fri. we have Elder Arnold from the 70 coming to speak to us!! He’s from my 4th area. haha. he lives in valley park stake! Pretty crazy. Then, on the 21st, we have a mission temple trip!!! I am soooo excited!!! 😀

So, Misty told me last week in emails that she’s planned on going to the temple. :))) I AM SOOO HAPPY!!!!!! I plan to be there for her EVERY step of the way. So, no worries there.
I look forward to working with the ward, too! I love the ward we live in at home, so I am excited to be a part of it again. I am trying to get rid of stuff little by little, haha! I only get 2 suitcases 50 lbs each, and a carry on… ah! haha. Well, I hope you guys have a great week and that you keep sharing the gospel and your testimonies with those around you!! Especially those in need of some spiritual uplifting!

I love you all. SEE YOU SOON!!

❤ Sister Kuoha

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October 22, 2013

Hey mom!!

This week has been awesome, and not so awesome, but such is missionary work. So, last week was pretty amazing because we have two people we are teaching that have been really interested and willing and excited!! It was awesome. Thursday, one of them came to our scripture study class we have, then we had a lesson with her Friday and set a date for her baptism, then she came to someone else’s baptism with us on Saturday! It was awesome!! But, then she and her son were sick Sunday and didn’t come to church, and then we haven’t seen or heard from her since….. but we are still trying!!

And the other is a 12 yr old who is pretty shy, but excited! and loves activities and we are super excited for her, too! I just know that I only have a few more weekends to baptize people and help them come closer to God, so I need to step it up!!!

Yesterday we had our interviews with our mission president, and they went really well. I was last, and he told me he wrote down in his notes to give me the “last transfer talk” haha. It was basically a pep talk to work hard and sprint to the end because we always remember our missions from the last transfer we serve, and that he doesn’t want me to have any regrets at all and to work hard and do what the Lord needs me to. But I am just super grateful to have been able to serve with him. At first I was sad to leave the other mission, but now, I AM SO GLAD I DID! haha. This mission has been the best thing of my life!!! I don’t think I’ll ever be the same or make decisions without the Lord!!

Anyway, no, Sis. Burtenshaw goes home two weeks before me because of the transfer dates change when the missions split. I’m super excited to have her hang out with all of us! We really want to go to Disneyland, too… haha. I’m excited!! And, yes… I’d love to go to Texas for Christmas! That would be awesome!!!

I miss and love you all so much! see you soon!!!

Sister Kuoha

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October 15, 2013

Hi mom!

So I bet from my pictures you are wondering why on earth I am sitting on so many random couches outside. Well, it’s because the city of Midvale has a thing called fall pick up where everyone puts their junk outside, and the city comes to pick it up. well, my neighborhood was supposed to be picked up last Tues. but they didn’t come, so we found all these different couches, and thought it’d be fun to sit on them and take pics. so there you go! We found 5! haha. And they still haven’t picked up the junk yet haha.

Well, I hope your stressful week is getting better with your time away! I hope you enjoy Shania Twain! I remember that one CD that you would always listen to haha. I heard one of those songs in Walmart in Taylorsville, and I could still remember all the words… haha.

I’m so glad you got to spend time with Auntie Nani and Rosie! I cant wait to see them again! I’m glad church has been good! I’m excited to be back and see all those friends again! do you know when my farewell talk is, by the way? I am excited for the holidays!!! and for no snow!! haha. I hope you are having a really fun time! The work is going super great, and I will attach a story I am sending to my mission president! love you !!!!


“Something pretty awesome happened yesterday! Well, as a back story… we were trying to contact the Part-Member families in one of our wards, and we knocked on one house and found out they moved. So we talked to the guy at the door about the Book of Mormon and asked him if we could come back and share more and he said yes. This was about 2 months ago. We tried back a few other times with either no answer, or other people who weren’t interested. So then yesterday, we went back and met the guys mom, and she told us she is a member, but was offended almost 19 years ago. But she also told us about her two teenage daughters that have talked about how they want to be baptized, so we set an appointment for later that day. So we go back at 6 pm and the younger daughter wanted to meet with us, so we taught the Restoration and invited her to be baptized on November 9th and her mom and her both said yes, and were excited!!! We also invited her to the Young Women’s activity that is tonight and she is very excited! We talked to the young women president that night and have her all set up to go. They are also excited to come to church! The Lord blesses you for perseverance!”

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October 8, 2013

Hi Mom,

This week has been pretty good! it actually went by really fast, but its been good. we are teaching a family from Micronesia and we put the mom and one of the daughters on date for the 2nd of November! So we are going to be doing all we can to get them to stay!!
It’s been getting pretty cold here, there is snow on the top of the mountains, but not down here yet. we heard it should get cold this Thursday though, so we’re not too excited. we’ve already got our winter stuff out though, cuz it got down to about 40 last week. I’m hoping it doesn’t snow too much before i get home, cuz I don’t wanna buy new boots, but I might have to :/

Anyway, we have been blessed this past week with being able to see our investigators more frequently and being able to have more come out of nowhere… its been cool. Transfers are next week, so I will find out who my last comp will be and where my last area is. very bittersweet. I feel like I have to grow up now haha. but my mission has been such a huge blessing and I know that I’ll be able to do the things I need to when I get home.
I have been thinking about going to CSU San Marcos and doing nursing. (I’ll have to do more research on the schools though) and stuff like that. But since I’m coming home in the fall, I might have to wait til next fall to go to the uni. cuz of application dates or whatever. and if its close, I might just stay close by. But the first thing I wanna get is a job!! So yeah…

I’m glad you were able to stay safe out there on the freeway! Hopefully your training went well! I have been trying to drink the shakes more regularly I just get lazy with the blender, so it’s just the mix and milk haha. kinda gross texture. I’ve met quite a few people who drink it here! haha.

Conference was awesome here! We didn’t get to go to the conference center, but we got to watch both morning sessions with the lady we live with, and both afternoon sessions with the RS president in the 4th ward. It was really, really good! (would have been better if our investigator wanted to come, but she was too busy watching football…) but I loved the talks! Can’t wait to get my conference ensign!

Well, I cant wait to see you, I love you and miss you!! Have a great week!
I will send some pics now!

Love, Sister Kuoha

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