First email!!! 5-1-12

mom and dad,

just got an email version of your letter, so idk if i’ll get one in my mailbox. but i sent you a letter like, yesterday, about things i need. my sandals, camera cord, and some letters from people! and pictures of  alice. i am doing good writing back to people, but my companion and i decided to do our best to be exactly obedient, so that we can have the Spirit more. because our last few lessons (and we’ve only had a few) have not gone very well. its hard to relate the gospel to someone that won’t open up to us. its very difficult.

the food is not very good. it’s ok sometimes, but i’d rather just eat cereal for the next two weeks…. the chocolate milk is fantastic and twice a week they have ice cream that tastes just like it. but yeah, i have seen jacob a few times in the cafeteria, and on sunday at our temple walk. so we took pictures. i’ll send another email tonight with pics, but i have to use my companions cord which is back in our residence. i haven’t seen joe at all. but i don’t go to the bookstore everyday.

anyway, my companion and i are super cool together, and we get along well. we have the same taste in music and have a very similar sense of humor, and we like the same movies. haha. so, anyway.

we only have 2 weeks left… and we’ve only been in a week, but it feels like we’ve been here for like, FIVE YEARS.

i miss alice the most. seriously. send me a thousand pictures of her, please. and give her so many hugs and kisses for me. and please take her to the park and stuff!!!!! or on car rides. those are her favorite.

my district is pretty cool, and one elder is going to carlsbad on the 15th, so look out for an elder thompson, from rexburg! he’s pretty cool. the other 3 elders are going to my mission. and one can be so immature sometimes its annoying. but oh well. they’re all 19, so its hard to not be immature.

we went to the temple today and did a session, while our elders did initiatories. now their hair is all messed up… haha.

my companion has the funniest laugh when she laughs really hard, and we’re all laughing at her right now hahahaha. ANYWAYS.

how is everything else? and everyone?

two of our elders are dying to speak other languages, one bought a book of mormon in german, and the other in tongan. and they are both english speaking. my district leader is really sad tho, because he hasn’t gotten ONE LETTER in 6 days. and only got one email. from his dad. haha. he’s really sad, because he has to get the mail everyday and he goes through it all to hand it out and he never gets any. super sad.

but anyways, i’ll send pics later today when i get the cord.

but yeah. please give alice hugs, and kisses, and please please please send me some pics.

ANYWAY. my DL is waiting for the computer, so i have to go. he’s the best dl ever (he told me to write that) haha

write soon! but i can’t write til next tuesday.

byeee love, sister kuoha

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