May 8, 2012

Hi mom.
It’s p-day and so I’m emailing for a little bit. I have to leave for the temple in about 45 minutes. its our last temple trip as a district, since one of our elders is leaving next p-day at 5 in the morning. my district is seriously the coolest group of people in the world. my companion, sister Burtenshaw, is seriously the best ever. I swear we were twins in the pre-mortal life or something. I love her so much, and I’m getting really sad thinking about how we only have one week left. the days are long, and the weeks are short. I think the MTC is a black hole of time. it’s crazy. anyway, I’ve been learning a lot more than I ever thought I would have to learn. but I also know I’m making friends that I know will be my friends for the rest of eternity.

I don’t know if I told you, but elder Thompson is the one going to Carlsbad, and he leaves next Tuesday at 5am. then two other elders leave that night at 5am. then the four sisters, and one elder leave at 6am Wednesday. and I am pretty sure that we get to call either when we’re about to leave, or when we get to the mission home (because our branch president said that everyone gets to call home at the airport is they weren’t able to call home for mother’s day. and since we aren’t flying, we’ll probably get to, still.) so yeah, keep your phones on Wednesday, and try to 3-way call with misty? I don’t know how to do that, so idk.

Also, idk if I told you, but president smith’s business partner, president Connors, is my branch president. weird, right? but he’s way cool. the 4 sisters and I in our room are the only sisters in our branch right now (not including senior couples who snore in sacrament) and it’s the 4 sisters in my district, then the sister from Hawaii going to new Zealand. we are seriously so close and they are the coolest sisters I could have asked for. we have this picture on our door of all of us making weird faces. and sister mills (the one from Hawaii) put in on the outside of the door hahah. anyway, I’ll try to send you a copy, but I also want to keep mine… I’ll think about it haha. And I’m getting some pictures printed today so I can send you copies and then keep some. once I get out into the field, I’m sure I’ll be able to email them, so that will be much easier.

So anyway things here are so cool, and I really don’t want to leave… I’m sure I could spend the rest of my 18 months with my companion and be totally content. I’m scared and nervous to have to get used to another different way of doing things, and another person. plus, I don’t know if we will even be in the same mission once they split it on the 1st of July. I was just getting used to the way things work here (other than the food, that’s still gross most of the time) and now I have to change again. kinda sucks.

oh, and my companion has rubbed off on me. I’ve said “hey?” like, ten times already. but she’s said “flip” and I’m gonna get her to accidentally say “stoked”. it’s gonna be awesome. our elders are adorable, too. they’re all so protective and are always saying how our district is more of a family than a district, and how they feel we’re all their own like, flesh and blood. they’re really fun and awesome, and I couldn’t have imagined that I would love them on the first day. but I do. I’m kinda scared to only be around one person instead of 7. but idk.

Anyway, my companion and I have been studying a lot, and we have been progressing in teaching so well. its kinda awesome. so, idk, the spirit you get when you really prepare for a lesson and study together is fantastic. I’ve never learned so much about one verse. like, as a district, we were reading the BoM from the beginning and we stop like, every verse to discuss and it takes forever to get through a chapter, but I have learned so much, it’s insane. I’m surprised my brain hasn’t exploded.

My companion and I have also been working on exact obedience, so that we can have the spirit with us always, so that means not writing letters on days other than p-day. Which is hard, because we get letters throughout the week and just want to write back, but we have definitely been blessed. we’ve been doing well in our teaching and have been able to recognize and follow promptings. a good talk we watched after sunday devotional is bt David Bednar, and he talks about recognizing the spirit. You guys should watch it, its fantastic. my whole district is really hoping to see an apostle before we leave hahah. or the prophet, but it’s been 30 years I think, since he’s spoken at the MTC. but yeah, we can still hope.

Anyway, I realize I say anyway a lot.

Anyway, could you ask people to continue to write? and ask them to keep their letters uplifting, because I can’t really focus when things are sad. it’s not that I don’t want to know, but it’s hard to focus, because I’m trying to stay uplifted, and it’s hard as it is, being away from everyone… and I’ve really learned importance of writing letters to missionaries. some people in my district go days without letters, and it’s pretty sad and discouraging.

Anyways, I have to go. love you guys!

Sis Kuoha
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