May 15, 2012

This is my last p-day in the MTC. Pretty sad… We just said goodbye to Elder Thompson, who is going to Carlsbad. So dad, I gave him your number in case he gets a ticket. Or in case he’s hungry haha. He might go to Temecula, so he said he’d give you guys a ring.

But yeah we all just said goodbye to him at the bus and now we’re doing laundry since we’re up. Super tired though, we stayed up pretty late last night just hanging out. We are all really sad to leave each other.. It pretty much sucks.

Anyway, so I’ve been sick for three weeks,. Utah hates me. I have had this cold since i realized i wasn’t in California anymore…it sucks. I’ve gone through tons of dayquil and tons of tissues and even had a priesthood blessing from my elders. I got better for that night, but the night after, i was sick again. Idk why. But anyway, thats the back story. So then, we have this investigator, named Lawanna. She’s black, late 20s?, and from Atlanta ga. She’s got this horrible reputation around the MTC for making some sisters cry, and not even letting some elders through her door to teach her, and for not liking white people hahaha. So we were freaked out when we realized we had to teach her. But the first lesson, we taught her the plan of salvation. We were trying to get to know her, and she kept picking on sis burtenshaw, but then sis burtenshaw like, kept asking about her family, and she told us how her mom od’d a long time ago and her sister committed suicide in foster care. She lived on the streets and dealt drugs to get by. And so we taught the plan of salvation. We went back Saturday and taught her about prayer. Then we went back the Thursday after and she scolded us for not listening to the spirit and told us her conversion story. And then this past Saturday, we just went in there and talked to her as her, not as her acting as an investigator. And we were just talking about charity. But before i went in, i warned her that i was sick, and that i could leave if she wanted (cuz she has cancer and her immune system is not as strong) and she said i could stay and asked if i tok medicine, but i had just run out that day, and the bookstore closed early since it was Saturday, and I’d be fine for the weekend. But so she ran out for a sec and told us not to leaver haha. So then she came back and we were reading in moroni 7 about charity. And then after talking a while her friend came in and handed me a box of dayquil and a box of theraflu. And I was like, whoa, we do not need to be teaching you charity, you just taught us!!! So i was so happy. She is so cool. Very inspiring and very in tune with the spirit. She’s awesome we got a pic with her. And theralu tastes nasty haha. And I’m usually not too sick during the day, but at night and in the morning I’m horrible. So idk. But anyway. That’s my awesome story.

So yeah, i hope i am not sick for while year and a half. It sucks.

But anyways, today is the last day to write dear elders!! After that, its all gotta go to the mission home. So it’d be real nice to get a bunch 😉

I don’t know how much $ i have on my debit card, but i need to know cuz I have to buy a bike soon. I’ve got about 130 left in cash, but that’s supposed to be emergency money. So please email be back asap to let me know, and i’ll check my email again today.

But yeah, so my companion and i are really sad to leave….i don’t want to get used to anyone else’s teaching or ways. Seriously, i love her.

Oh, tell sis Morris i said thanks for the letter!!! It was so awesome. I’ll try to write back today.

But yeah, I can’t really think right now, its so early and I’m still sick. So I’ll come back on later today.
Write soon!

Love sis kuoha

Ps, thanks for the letters dad. And package. I needed all that stuff

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