May 21, 2012

Hi mom,

It was awesome talking to everyone yesterday, and yeah, I do have the best friends in the world! Tell them thanks. And I’m super glad I got to talk to them on the phone too!! Thanks a ton.

I can’t believe you told me Lexy died. What the heck. That’s messed up, they can’t just kill her off…. Anyway… House sounds super sad… I guess I’ll have to watch everything when I get back.

I’m gonna get some cards and postcards today when I go shopping in about 45 min. So I’ll be sending the Facers, the Petersons, sis Glenn and a few others some cool stuff. I miss them all a lot!

Sounds like everything is going really well back home, that’s awesome. I feel like I don’t know anyone, tho. I wish I would have gotten to skype!! Maybe I will come Christmas time.

So about the mission. Taylorsville is pretty cool. The members are all really nice, they feed us every night, and the weather isn’t too hot yet (although I know it will be soon enough). The only bad thing about it is the biking. I swear everything is uphill. But I am getting better very very very very gradually. I still hate it tho….

I will be writing Christine today, and it should be out in the post by tomorrow. I won’t get any mail or packages till about 130, so I won’t be able to tell you what I got, but I bet I got the blender and stuff. Thanks again for sending me all that stuff! I really appreciate it, and am super grateful for it.

I made a cool scripture box and forgot to take pics, so I’ll send them next week! But its way cool. We cleaned today, and I hung up my ca flag, so it’s cool. I miss Alice like crazy! The 2 dogs that live with us are cool tho. But I miss my dog!

We have some pretty awesome members here, and we went to 3 ward parties Saturday night. One was a huge block party! And some Tongans roasted a pig and one of the Tongan elders ate the entire shoulder and leg haha. It was awesome tho. The members are really generous and funny, and they’re cool.

I can tell it’s gonna get hot soon. So not looking forward to that. But everything is pretty well. I am just hoping I get into the groove soon, because the days are getting a little shorter. This last week was seriously 4 years long, so idk. But yeah.

Thanks for the packages, letters, emails, pictures, etc! I love them all, and I’m super grateful. Thanks a bunch. Love you guys, and I’ll be mailing things out today/this week. Love you!

❤ Sis Kuoha

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One Response to May 21, 2012

  1. rex says:

    Where at in taylorsville? I wanna go see her…My cousins live in taylorsville so yah…

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