May 28, 2012

Happy memorial day!

And thanks for all the pictures, they are awesome!

This week has been okay. We have taught a few times, and one investigator (sierra, 11) is progressing with her family. They came to sacrament yesterday (but left after) which is a big accomplishment since her mom hasn’t been in almost 3 years. We also bore our testimonies in that ward, and a kid gave his farewell right after us. It was cool, he’s going to Fresno! But one of our investigators in another ward (rainee, 10) didn’t come to church yesterday, so she can’t get baptized this Saturday. Her grandma was supposed to bring her, but I guess they all slept in or something. She’s not gonna be very happy, since she got mad at us for postponing it before, but she has to know the importance of going to church. And president miller won’t let them get baptized unless they come to church 3 times. But yeah, so we will be seeing her this week, and I hope she understands how important it is.

Anyway, the members are really cool here. They are all very nice. Some really don’t like helping us out with referrals or going to lessons with us. They think it’s our job to go find people, but it’s much easier (and the investigators are more prepared) when they have member friends. Oh and I met a kid in one of my wards who is going to Costa Rica in august, so I told him Jacob is going there.

Today we are going to classic fun center in sandy, and it’s free the last Monday of the month! Except laser tag is like, 2 bucks. But I’m really excited. Apparently a bunch of missionaries go. But we’re not supposed to go in order to see people. Idk. Doesn’t matter, I just wanna play laser tag.

I still suck on my bike, but I think I’m getting a tiny bit better. Seriously though, thanks for the pictures. I wish I could get mail everyday like the mtc, but we only get mail pickup on Mondays. And you can’t send me anything else to my house, or I’ll get in trouble! But yeah, mail everyday would have been a great thing. Just knowing everything is good at home makes me feel better.

We met a Samoan family and went to see them the other night (it was freezing and sprinkling) and she gave us Samoan cocoa, soup, and a ride home! They are awesome. And I think it’s cool how excited the girls are to go on missions. I noticed every girl, Mormon poly I meet was excited to go. Not excited to get married first. I think that’s awesome. (nothing against getting married… But a mission will totally prepare them for marriage. Lots of hard work) yesterday and the day before, it rained and it was very cold, so we walked and only biked a little. But today it’s really nice out.

Thanks for the blender and the letter, dad! It works really well. And it’s awesome. And thanks for the card, mom. I also got the package of neuro and flavors from misty, awesome!

I usually can’t feel my legs when we get home at night, but lately, they’ve been a tiny bit better. But I would still rather walk everywhere.

Time goes by slowly, but quickly. Does that even make sense? Well, it’s true. Its tough with our investigators because a lot of people are in pretty bad circumstances and it’s hard to get them to even schedule a meeting with us. But we picked up a new investigator, she has just cancelled on us twice in like, 4 days. So idk.

Anyway, I am sending a few postcards to some people from the ward and stuff, so they should get them this week. I don’t think I need anything right now, I would just love to know which mission I am officially in! Its kinda of annoying not knowing. Like when I stalked the mailman for my letter. It feels like that! But I’m busier, so I have no time to stalk the mailman!

Anyway, please keep the pictures coming, and send me some through the mail, so I can see them every day! I hope everything is good. I am exhausted still, which is good, but sucks. Haha.

Can you just make sure I have money? I don’t need a lot, and I don’t shop every day, but it is nice to not have $0 haha.

Anyway, did you get to send sister burtenshaw those pictures? Thanks if you did! I miss the mtc 😦 anyway, have a good week!

Love you!

Sister Kuoha

The day Brittany arrived at her Mission Home is Sandy, UT!

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