June 4, 2012


It’s awesome to hear you guys had a good week. I am definitely having a much better time than the last 2 weeks. Things have been going really well. Well, my comp was sick, so we stayed in a little bit on a few days, but other than that, it was good!

Our investigator that fell off date is back on for this Saturday (the 9th) and came to stake conference yesterday, so the baptism is still on! And we have someone on date for every Saturday for the whole month of June. And they’re all solid! I am so excited. One of them, nataley, is 17 and her mom was a former investigator and her little brother is recent convert. So we were riding by, and she was out front and we started talking. Her family goes to church regularly (except the last couple weeks, since her dad was sick) and they go to every activity. She even said she wanted to serve a mission! We were like…uhh you have to be baptized to do that haha. And she said, yeah I’ve been thinking about that lately… So we went over a couple days later to teach her little brother a new member lesson (he’s a little autistic and completely awesome. He’s 9 and knows the lessons soo well. He basically taught us!) And she sat in on the lesson and contributed just as much. And then we set up a regular time for the week to come by and teach her, and she wants 2 lessons a week, so she can get baptized! She’s set for 2 lessons a week, and a baptism on 6/30, but she’s so ready, she wants to move it to the 23rd. And we are going to try to take her family up to temple square to have a lesson with them there (our mission has been pushing that lately). So we’re very excited, this investigator is golden! She’s so stoked to learn, she asks perfect questions, and she knows so much already. We are so excited.

The members here are so nice, it’s awesome. A lot are school teachers too, so they offer us rides all the time since its summer now. But they are so nice and willing to help. And they feed us all the time. No worries. And I have been having a shake as much as I can. Actually, my comp like them too and so I’ll have to give her misty’s or dad’s info haha. She goes home at the end of august, but she’s super stoked about it. Anyway.

I am probably the luckiest missionary right now, because of all the letters and awesome things you guys send me. Thank you so much!!! And I am so stoked to get my package. Way cool! Thanks a ton, I really appreciate it!

So this week was stake conference and it was all about the bom and missionary work!! I learned a lot, and they are really pushing the members to help out with referrals. A lot of them think it’s our job to find. But really our main job is to teach and baptize, and the work goes a lot better when the members help us out with referrals. It’s hard here tho, because everyone knows about the church. And so they already have an opinion about it. And most of the non-members are non-members for their own reasons, and don’t like the church. So sometimes it can be hard, but sometimes they just take time to accept the gospel. It really is for everyone!

But I also learned a lot about how having faith is a choice. We have to choose to have faith in the lord and what he has in store for us, and then we can ask for the strength to accept those things. It’s super difficult, but definitely something I needed to hear.

The work has been really good, and I am getting a bit better on my bike. Ether 12:27 definitely came through for me with the bike! The lord definitely showed me my weakness so that I was humble about it. And now I am getting better on it. (I would still prefer a car, but whatever).

Anyway, I really miss you guys, but I know the lord is watching over everyone back home. I pray for you guys all the time and thank him for giving me the best family and friends in the world!! Honestly, I could never have handpicked better people. I love you guys so much and I hope everything is going awesome.

Well, I have to hurry, but thanks a ton for writing me and sending me everything, I’m so excited to get the package today! Thank you so much!! Give everyone hugs for me! And tell AliceI love her!!!

Love, sister kuoha


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