June 11, 2012

Hey mom,

My week has been really good. Our baptism was awesome, we had a 10 year old  and her 8 year old brother. It was awesome! Her family even came, and the only other member is their less-active dad. But it has been really good, they support the kids in the church because they see how excited they are about it.

Apparently there is this guy in a super sketchy white van with cardboard covered windows who stops the missionaries in this area to bash a lot. My comp has run into him like 4 times, and this week, we saw him again. We were sitting on our lawn with our Spanish elders figuring out a few referrals and stuff, and he drives up really fast and slams on his brakes barely missing our  bikes and the mailbox I was standing next to. And he comes out and is like, “not to be rude…… But you’re preaching people to hell ” and then started going off about Joseph smith and stuff. And my comp was like, I don’t really wanna do this right now, and stuff and the elders were just sitting there hahaha. And so he’s like is this your house? And we said no because we didn’t want him to know where we live, so then he was like, in that case, its a free country and I can stand here and talk all I want. So then, my comp rode off on her bike towards the stake center down the street, and I was just standing there with the elders…and he’s like, I’m just trying to help, cuz you’re a cult and you’re going to hell and stuff like that, and we got on our bikes and rode away but it was weird. My comp was totally pissed, but I was actually excited. First bashing on my mission, and as soon as he said anything bad, I just knew he was wrong. So I was just more reinforced in my faith and belief, but it was crazy!!

Anyway, sucks about dad’s finger, don’t operate heavy machinery on pain meds!! And he won’t be able to shoot anyone….so maybe its good he takes a week off haha. I hope girls camp is fun!! Tell everyone I said hi and that I love them!!!

Things are going well. This week, we have a sisters meeting Wednesday and a mission conference Thursday, and elder Ballard is coming to speak to us! I’m really excited; I actually get to meet him personally! I’m stoked. And I’m stoked to see everyone from the mtc haha.

I got the package and wow, thank you soooo much. I wrote you a letter and sent it out, so I hope you got it this past week. Its amazing. My zone leaders got mad because I got more mail than anyone in our zone haha. Sad. But awesome. I have the best family and friends in the world!!!!

Well I hope you all have an awesome week! I love you !!! Write soon <333333

Sister Kuoha

Ps. I didn’t get the pillow yet, but probably today. And you sent the wrong camera cord, I was wrong. It must be in the camera box still, so please send that!! Love you guys!!!! Oh and sad that elder latu is gone!! Who is the new greenie?


0313: Jory, a rc, whose sister is on date for the 30th. I really like his chalk drawings!! He’s awesome

0317: our baptism from Saturday! Its sister Stander on the left, sister Brush in the middle, then me, and Tony and Rainee. She’s crouching awkwardly haha. But it was awesome!

0289: the view from the Jordan temple entrance!!

0290:my district at the mtc, elder Ortigoza, elder Aveiro, elder Olivero, me, sis Brush, elder Quesne, and elder Hornbaker. Hornbakers comp is taking the picture haha.

0305: coolest camera ever!

0306: our Spanish elders elder Parks and Torres, right before the crazy guy came! Haha

0309: us practicing for our baptism!!

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