June 25, 2012


I got an email from Jacob, but it was from last Tues. so idk how he has been. But yeah. He was happy he got to talk to everyone!

My week has been pretty good. We had a lot of lessons, a lot of daily goals either met or exceeded, and a lot of things done. We had a baptism Saturday of a ten year old and her 8 year old brother, they are like, the coolest family ever!! They’re awesome. I’ll send a pic when I can.

That’s so weird that everyone is coming home from their missions and getting married. Tell Miranda she better send me a picture!

I don’t have Sireena’s address, so will you get it from her through fb?

That’s awesome that tons of stuff has been getting done around the house. The blessing of a stitched trigger finger, hey? Awesome, I missAliceway too much. So thanks to you and misty for the pictures!! It helps.

So transfer calls are tomorrow, and transfers are Wednesday. I am very very bittersweet about it. I love this area, but would love to stay in the south mission. But then again, I’m a bit excited to be in the new mission. The only things I’m not stoked for is the no cars in the mission situation, and my 2 favorite missionaries will be in the south mission. 😦 And I have heard conflicting things about the new mission president, but idk. We’ll see I guess. I find out tomorrow. So, yeah. I will let you all know! Transfers are off by 3 weeks between the two missions, so I don’t really know what that means…. For my comp, at least, she has extended 3 weeks. So that may mean I get an extra transfer or one less. There is a meeting this Friday for the missionaries assigned to the new mission, so if I am, I will find out everything then. I am trying to be patient, but I am very anxious!

Time has flown though. Seriously. Some days are so long, but the next thing I know, I’m back here emailing. It’s weird. It’s been so hot and suuuper windy. Saturday, I thought we were gonna die. We were tracting 4700 s, a very busy street that cuts our stake in half, and  it was 98 degrees and super windy, I thought I was gonna blow away. And it is so dry… after we tracted for about 45 min, we were dying, so we walked to the conoco and got slushies. And then a member drove by and gave us a ride to our bikes. But it’s been way hot lately, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna die. But yeah. So, people have been offering us rides though. So that’s nice. And I’m getting a bit better on my bike. Except I have bruises all over my legs from my pedals. And the other day, I hit a bump, and my right foot fell off the pedal and got stuck under the pedal and the ground. So that hurt a lot, I still have to have band aids haha.

Anyway, oh, so we already know about a few people being transferred in our zone, because they are training and they found out before the actual transfers. So that’s sad. But we’re going to classic fun center today and hopefully everyone can go so we can get a picture.

I also said bye to sister Burtenshaw on Thursday at our training meeting. It was difficult, cuz we’ll most likely be in different missions, so we won’t see each other for the next 17 months… But we will write. It was hard to say bye to elder Odom too. I told you about him right? He’s like my little brother (not Jacob… A cooler version hahaha) and that was hard too. Me, sis Burtenshaw, sis Clubb, and elder Odom have been having a hard time with things… Various things, but still. So it’ll be harder to not have their support more often. Those 3 will be in the south mission as far as I know now.

Anyway. Tell Kristin I hope she feels better, that’s scary! And tell hays and jewels to write me!!!!! Geezzz.

I’m glad you all had fun at girls camp, I miss girlscampsoomuch!! And camp buckhorn is awesome. That’s where we played a prank on the 1st years and woke them up at 130am for breakfast. And they all got ready and waited at the cafeteria, and we went back to our area to get the leaders, and left them there hahahahahah. It was so funny.

Anyway, tell Kirra and Shayla I say hi too!! I wrote them like, last week, so I might even get a letter from them today. Anyway

Yeah, idk what I need in my package… I’m good on snacks, thanks to auntie Nani!!!! Please tell her I said thanks and I love her! And tell Rosie I said hi!! If you find any nice button up shirts with collars, that’d be cool. Short sleeves. It’s so hot and we can’t wear my t-shirts, unless I wear a cardigan with it. Or if you see a thin short sleeved cardigan. But yeah, idk I may just shop next week since I’m picky hahah.

Anyway, give everyone hugs for me, especially Alice and the kids!! Lily looks so flipping big! Haha. Well, love you guys, next week I will have a lot to share, so be ready I guess haha.

Have fun! Love you all!

❤ sis Kuoha


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