July 2, 2012

Hey there!

This week has been CRAZY…. Tuesday, we took our investigator, Nataley, to temple square for a lesson and tour with the sisters there. It was amazing! She had seen the video we watched during Christmas, when she went with her family, but this time, it meant so much more to her. The spirit was totally there and she was crying because of all the things we had taught her, and the movie had really answered a lot of questions. She had a blast.

That day, we got transfer calls as we were leaving temple square. I was transferred to Midvale, to be with Sister Carrie stander, from Athens, GA. She was training sister Young! And sister Young was transferred to Taylorsville to be with sister Brush. So we just traded places. Weird, because our training isn’t even done until 12 weeks.

Friday, we had a farewell conference from president Miller. It was really difficult. We sang god be with you till we meet again, and on the last chorus, people started standing up one by one, and everyone said once they stood up, they started sobbing, and it was true for me too. It’s been really difficult to realize I’ve left a really amazing mission president, and then my friends from the mtc… but, there are a lot of changes to get used to.

But my companion is AWESOME. And I love working with her. Midvale is not that busy compared to Taylorsville, but I am excited to get things going with the new procedures here in the new mission.

Anyway, that’s awesome that Paul came to visit!!! Tell him I say hi!! I really hope they visit! If it’s unplanned, its good ha-ha.

I’m super glad Levi is having fun at church!! I love it. And I’m so stoked Lily stayed all by herself!!!! That’s amazing haha considering I had to sit with her the whole time haha. That’s awesome. I’m so glad they all had fun at church together! That’s what it’s about. Coming closer to Christ, AS A FAMILY. It’s awesome! I love it! I’m so happy for them. :))

Please tell Miranda I said congrats!!!! I am so sad I’m missing the wedding!! ahhh haha. And congrats to Susan!! Geez, that’s so awesome! I’m so happy for them. 🙂

I am so glad Alice is being spoiled hahaha I love and miss her so much!!!! Thanks to Danielle, Richard, and Connie for visiting you and dad and Alice! That’s awesome. I love it.

That’s really sad about the DUI case… but its good to know the Lord has a plan for him and his wife. I know dad will fight for the case. That’s comforting to know that we have public servants who are more than willing to serve the community righteously. So thanks dad!

I also know that prayer works and is very essential. I have been praying for everyone day and night, and I have been glad to hear of the blessings you guys have received. It is difficult to be out here sometimes, but I know that I need to be here, and continue to put my faith in the Lord, and I’m glad to know that I am helping you guys as well.

I love you and hope to talk to you soon.

Oh, btw my new mailing address is
7918 S 450 E
Sandy, UT 84070

It may change in 3 weeks for transfers. My address will change every time I am moved. That’s just this mission’s policy (because nobody has cars to go pick up the mail every week). So just a heads up.

My new mission is called he Salt Lake City Central Mission. Our new president is Richard W. Moffat. We don’t know too much, we haven’t even met him yet. But we have a conference tomorrow so I hope to learn tons more there.

I miss you guys!

I also forgot the coolest part of last week, I got to go to a baptism!! My investigator, nataley! And her fellowshipper’s cousin, Eddie, was baptized then too! But into ysa. It was awesome! I’m gonna send pics …

Thanks guys! I love you, have a good week!!

Sister  Brittany Kuoha

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