July 10, 2012


I got a note on my door from Paul, but I asked my leaders and I’m not allowed to have dinner with them, I was really bummed!! but I took a picture with they’re letter ha-ha. I also got the package; it was on my counter this morning on our way out, so I got it!! tell Paul and Zach and heather I said thanks, and hi!! 🙂

Our week was interesting. for the 4th, we went to a stake breakfast, lots of non-members there we were able to talk to, and then we studied, and went to lunch with a member, and then stayed with them for a while, and then went out. we had sparklers and ice cream, and played chess, and hung out. they’re a really great family!!!

The people in this area are very willing to help us out and are very stoked for the new mission. we have twice as much to report, and it’s a lot of work, but things have been looking up.

OH. the reason I didn’t write yesterday was because our p-day was changed to Tuesday. a lot of changes are going on with the new mission, but I guess things will be alright. in my new area, I am in a basement apartment and will be on bikes for….the rest of my mission. there are no bikes in this mission at all, since our areas are small, bikes will have to suffice. during the winter, cars are grounded for bad weather days, so sometimes they would have to walk anyway, but yeah. so…imma be buff when I get home. and I’m never gonna wanna touch a bike again… awesome.

We are going shopping today for cooler clothes thank goodness!! The new mission president is… different, but it’s all good. I am really stoked for all the new work we do, and it has a LOT to do with working with members. but I’m really not supposed to talk about it ha-ha.

I hope you guys have TONS of fun in Hawaii!!!! I bet Lucius is sooo stoked!! he’s gonna have a blast! I wish I could go! I just got dad’s letter in the package, and we better go when Jacob gets back!! but have tons of fun and send me a souvenir! ha-ha

THANKS DANIELLE AND RICHARD for taking care of Alice. I flipping love you guys 🙂 I’m sure she does too ha-ha. I miss you all a TON. thanks for the pictures, mom and dad! they are awesome. I will send more in the next email in a bit, but yeah.

Lots of work, there’s another transfer next Wednesday the 18th but I will probably stay here. we are getting 14 new missionaries, 3 are sisters, so that’s exciting. and lots more the next transfer. so yeah, busy busy.

Well, I hope you all have an awesome 2 weeks in Hawaii!! love and miss you guys!

❤ Sister Kuoha

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