July 17, 2012

Hi family,
Wow, sounds like you guys are having way too much fun without me. sooooo when I get back, we’re gonna go stay at that station so I can surf constantly, RIGHT? Geez. have some shave ice for me! I’m jealous…..
Oh, and i got a letter from bubby yesterday!!! Tell him i said thanks! and i love him! I hope he’s having the best vacation ever!!! ❤ (tell him to try surfing too!!! so we can surf when i get back!!!)
It’s been hot, and stormy here. but it has rained a bit too, so it’s nicer. we had a less active member come to church on Sunday, and it was awesome! we were so excited.
We are getting another sister tomorrow, too, so we’ll be in a trio! so we got bunk beds!!! Our new companion is gonna be sister Redford, she’s from Sacramento, and sister Stander has been companions with her before, so I hear she’s really chill. and it’s her last transfer, so she’ll be going home in 3 weeks. crazy.
Not much else has been happening, we are having a hard time finding investigators to teach, but we’re doing alright.
The people here are awesome, I have found a family in each of my areas that are basically my family away from family. they are awesome! But yeah, I hope you guys are having fun!
My address is the same for the next 6 weeks, so happy mailing! haha.
Have fun!
Love, sister Kuoha
PS: Here are some pics too, a bench. that says bench.
Sisters Clubb, Hale, Brush, Brandt, stone, Estevez, Burtenshaw, and me.
My planner!!! I put richards pics on it!!! I hope he’s proud haha.
My new district, sisters Stander, Cordoba, Michels, and me, and elders Cartwright (DL) and Prestwich.
And my favorite family! (one of them haha) sister Daye… she got me to wear pink. I’m sure misty will be happy to know haha.
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