July 31, 2012

Hi Mom,

I’m good, we have some slow work, but things are alright.

Too bad Chris couldn’t go, that sucks. But I’m glad you guys all had a great time!! I love and miss you guys so much! Thanks for the package that’s coming; I’m so excited to get it! I am sure I will love it and I really do appreciate it! Sounds like it was fun!

Wow, I can’t believe Miranda is married! Tell her congrats!! I did get Christine’s invite, looks sooo fun! I’m so happy for her! Tell her congrats too! Dang, lots of good stuff happening, sounds fun!

Tell Steven I said hi when he gets home, and let me know where Nathan goes! So exciting!!

Tell everyone I said hi when you go to grams. I wish I could go! The food here is great, people are really good cooks sometimes haha. But nothing compares to your enchiladas! I miss them! I wish I had more Mexican food too haha. But we get half off at a lot of places…  that’s fun!

Tell Danielle and Richard and Connie I said hi!! And Stacy, when you see her at Christine’s wedding! haha

I have to go, but I will try to send a letter to bishop through the mail!

Thanks mom, love you so much!!

Have a good week! ❤

Sister Kuoha

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