August 7, 2012


I see you’re wearing my shorts!!!! In your haole shirt pic hahaha. They’re comfy, hey? I got them at hot topic forever ago.


I love it soooo much!!!! It’s amazing! My lava lava is so comfy too! Thanks soooo much! And everything in there is delicious! It’s the best haha.

No, we don’t have any baptisms in this area… its pretty slow.. We picked someone up last week, who had already come to church with her less active husband and 3 kids twice. But she didn’t come last week, so we’ll be stopping by to see her. Hopefully she’ll be more welcome to the idea of baptism she says she’s 50./50 right now. The work in this area is slow, but coming around.

Have you talked to Sister Daye? And Sister Maxwell? They said they’ve emailed and called you. Sister Maxwell is awesome! And Sister Daye (who should have emailed you) is like, my mission mom! She’s the greatest! She has two kids on missions right now, too, a boy and girl. Cool, huh? And that family is by far my favorite out here haha. Although there are lots of awesome ones.

I’m so glad everything has bee going good, except that you are sick! That’s a bummer. But I’m glad the elders were able to give you a blessing. Who are they? Where are they from? I am so glad they love and play with Alice!! But tell them not to feed her people food anymore, haha! I don’t want her being unhealthy and lazy and spoiled when I get home and run around with her. Haha.but anyway.

So last week, I forgot to mention that I had a 1inch nail in my back tire! It was the worst! But Brother Daye was able to fix it while we were out working. We had to walk everywhere, and I told them I’d just buy a new tube tomorrow, but I got back to pick it up, and it was fixed! (See, told you they were the best!) And I also finished the Book of Mormon for the 2nd time! We had a challenge to finish it within our first 12 weeks, and I finished it in 11! It’s so amazing, and my testimony of it and Joseph Smith has grown SO much.

Tell Paul I said hi! And bishop that I sent him a letter last week, he should have gotten it by now I think. And I sent Christine pulley a letter to her parent’s house 😛 but too bad you couldn’t go, I’m sure it was great though! And tell Joseph Olson I said hi! And that’s way cool that he is able to work at the temple!

I JUST saw the pics from Hawaii and they’re awesome!! Especially the one of Lucius fishing, that’s the coolest picture I’ve ever seen!!! haha. tell him I said hi and I love him!!! and to go learn to surf haha!

But yeah, so sister Maxwell said she tried calling you Sunday but you were probably at church when she called.. it’s an 801 number. anyway, sister Daye is awesome!

Tell the elders I said hi and not to feed my dog bad food. haha.

Well cool, hope to hear from you soon! Real letters are great, cuz I can get them everyday! 😉 hint hint. haha.

Well, I hope you all have a great week, I love and miss you all SOOO MUCH! You guys are the greatest. Give Alice a huge hug for me! Love you!!!

❤ Sister Kuoha

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