August 14, 2012


Those pictures are awesome! Thanks for sending them; it looks like everyone is having tons of fun! I got the postcard last night, Alice is so cute 🙂 I miss her tons!

Sad about the heat, it has been hot here too, but mostly in the 90’s. But with a thousand layers and biking uphill, it feels hotter… :/ It’s okay though, a lot of people here give us water, even if they hate us as missionaries, they’re still good people. We haven’t seen much success. We only have one investigator (all that I’ve had for the last 7 or so weeks) and she cancelled our last lesson, and we won’t see her till Thursday. But we’re doing all we can to help her progress.

Sister Maxwell told me Sunday that she got to talk to you! Sorry, I thought I had given her your number, mom, but I guess I already forgot the numbers. 😛 my bad. We (sister Redford and I) spoke Sunday in the 1st ward on faith. and I had two nights to prepare, and wrote about 5 different talks on 6 pages of my notebook, but nothing made sense to me, so I just went up with my book of Mormon and started talking. I don’t even remember all I said, so I hope that means the spirit took over.

I get letters from Stuart. We write back and forth and it takes a while for letters to get to and from, but we reply regularly. And I have written DJ twice, with no reply. And I don’t have his mission address, so he can write me or not, that’s okay. I hope he’s doing well though. But Stuart told me he just put someone on date to be baptized this past week, so he’s doing well! Thanks for writing them and supporting them, I’m sure they appreciate it, as do I! Sister Burtenshaw’s address is the south mission address, just like it was mine, so that’s all you need to write to I think. But thanks a ton for writing her, I really do miss her. She writes me as much as she can. I did write bishop last Tuesday, and I understand he’s busy, so that’s all good. Tell everyone I said hi! That’s cool about tony and Daniel. And Nathan and Steven! How exciting.

I’m glad aunty Nani and Rosie came to visit and that you were able to hang out with Danielle and Richard. Tell them I said hi! And they should write me! I get a letter from Connie almost every week, its awesome. I miss hanging out with them.

Well I hope everyone and everything is going well! I miss you all! Have a good week, and I hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

Sister Kuoha

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