August 21, 2012

Hey mom!

This week has been pretty good. The weather is pretty hot, in the mid 90’s but today it should be 80 so that’s nice. And the end of this week should have a bit of rain, so we hope! It’s hot. But not too bad right now. Just when we’re biking with a million layers. That’s when I feel like dying haha.

Crazy about the fires!!! We never hear about anything like that unless it’s close, so good to know, I’ll be praying!

I’m glad you’re feeling better! We really are blessed down there to have everything so close and to have access to it! Reminds me of sister Burtenshaw in the MTC. She had tooth pain but we didn’t know if she’d be able to get care for it since mission medical doesn’t cover dental (I don’t think) and she doesn’t have insurance cuz its Canada! Crazy! But yeah that got worked out haha.

So that’s cool that you get to take Joseph to the temple. That’s way awesome! I want to work in the baptistry when I get back! That’s my favorite part of the whole thing! And a visitors center!!!!! That is the greatest!!!! I love the LA one, so a visitors center at the best temple ever is gonna be AWESOME. I’m so stoked to see it!!

I didn’t know Misty got that calling!! That’s awesome; cuz break the fast is way fun and awesome! That’s so cool and she’s a good cook, so everyone will be happy with that. 🙂  I miss gram too, tell her I say hi! 🙂

Tell the elders I say hi too! And the new member. That’s awesome. I hope she feels welcome in the ward and that everybody invites her to stuff haha. Awesome.

Our work is slowly picking up. We hope to be getting a few things going, but it’s been a bit difficult lately. But we are still doing our best and working our hardest. This past week has gone by so fast! I am pretty excited for transfers though… but yeah.

I love you and thanks for the pictures! And the postcards from Alice, they are the cutest! And my landlady thinks they’re funny too 🙂


Can’t wait to hear from you again soon. Love you mom!

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