August 28, 2012


It took me like, fifteen seconds to type hellooooo cuz I’m using a different computer at the family history library and I’m not used to it. Haha

Sooo I got transfer calls last night! I’m going to bennion! I’m going to be with sister Baeni and she’s awesome! she was in my greenie zone and she’s way chill. kind of quiet. and from the islands around the marshal islands. I think they’re called kittibas? maybe. maybe not. I don’t know how to spell it. anyway.

I am SUPER EXCITED. just not excited to leave the area. I love the people in this area! but that’s okay; I might get transferred back someday. it’s funny though, we have 2 really solid sounding potential investigators that we were gonna pick up this week. as soon as we get work, I leave! sad.

So there is a rule that we’re not supposed to write on any day other than p-day, but I find it easier to write whenever I get mail. but president said that I’d be less homesick if I only write Tuesdays, and it’s been working all week! so, sorry, you’ll only get letters once a week. sorry :p

My new address:

5843 S Trevor Lane
Taylorsville, Utah 84129

So please change it so everyone knows! 😛

So there’s a really great talk we watched from a DVD the other day. it’s by elder Jeffrey R. Holland (we call him j holla cuz he’s awesome!! he’s my favorite) and it’s called “and none were with him” its SUPER good! you should check it out.

I’m glad misty and the kids are staying at home now. that won’t be a problem for the elders right? they don’t have to move out? at least now Alice has friends 🙂 haha I was worried she’d be lonely while you and dad are at work! but not anymore! I’m excited!

I can’t believe Lucius is going to warm springs!!!!! that is crazy! my 6th grade year was the year it opened!!! wow, I feel old… well, Kirra is there and Braden, so at least he has friends there! I am sure he will make more friends. and if anyone bullies him, I’ll punch them in the face, and dad will arrest them. 🙂 but I’m sure he’ll make friends. they should have this program called the greeters or was there my last year, and they have a kid show the new kids around and be their friend. I think Lucius will love it though. he can walk home no problem, the park is right there, and it’s a pretty good school. I’m excited for him! it’s hard being the youngest grade, but I’m sure he’ll own it there haha. he can even ride his bike to school! how fun. sorry, I’m just excited!

I am doing really well, it’s hot, but we have places to hide from the heat. my bike totally sucks though that’s what I get for buying an 88 dollar one from Wal-Mart… so I’m gonna give it to the mission (better for a new sister to buy new tubes than a new bike! since tubes are the only problem) and my comp sis Redford who goes home tomorrow is giving me her bike! so I’m good. 🙂 I’m so happy to hear from you guys, and to get letters from love bug and misty! 🙂 and an email from bub!

I hope you guys have an awesome week! I love you, can’t wait to hear from you again!

have a fun last week of summer! and give everyone huge hugs and kisses from me. 🙂 I’ll send pics in the next email…

<333333333333 sis Kuoha

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