September 4, 2012

Hey mom,

I love Alice! haha I hope she’s having fun! I’m glad she has a lot of friends now! haha I bet she is the happiest dog ever!

Sad that that elder left! what’s the new elder’s name? I hope he’s cool, how long has he been out? there’s a newer sister out here in my new zone from upstate New York. Cool beans.

I’m glad Lucius loves warm springs!! What grade is he in now?? I feel old. I’m glad he’s having fun though; I bet he’ll be the best trumpet player ever! haha I’m glad he loves it.

I’m excited for the package!! Please send envelopes and stamps if you can! pretty please! thanks! I’m so excited for her books! haha how flipping cute. I miss you guys so much! please give them hugs and kisses for me!!!!

I will definitely pray for sister Taylor! That is so crazy!! If you can, please tell her I’m praying for her and that I hope she gets better soon! Dang, that is so crazy!!! I’m sure the fast and prayers will help, though.

My new comp is Sis Baeni, from the Kiribati islands by Fiji. She speaks really good English, and she’s been here for a year. She doesn’t get too much mail though, takes about a month for mail to get there and another to get back, and she’s the only member in her immediate family! She’s awesome, and my area is awesome. I cover the Bennion Utah stake (7 wards) but they’ll probably split the stake next transfer and put elders over half of it. The stake is awesome though and so is my comp. It’s a good area with lots of work and I’m super stoked!

We got caught in a CRAZY hail storm the other day and I got a video so I’ll send that too. it came out of nowhere! It was my comp’s first time seeing hail, so she freaked out hahahah.

Anyway, I love you and miss you and hope all is well. Can’t wait to get your package! thanks so much!! I love you!!!!! <33333333

Sis Kuoha <3333333

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