September 11, 2012


I heard about the earthquake, but didn’t know how bad it was! I’m glad everything is good down there.

Too bad about the elders moving out… but yeah, we don’t want them being dis-o! But that’s okay, they’ll be able to do the work no matter where they live, and I’m sure they’re glad to have a car for now! Haha.

I’m glad Lucius loves his school!! It’s awesome; have him write me a letter!! Hopefully Misty finds a job soon! That’d be awesome!

I’m sure Alice is the happiest! I have no doubt about that at all. Haha! Danielle Richard and Connie are the best! They take good care of you guys 🙂

I’m so sorry to hear about Sister Taylor… That is so sad! Ever since you told me about her last week, I have been praying night and day for her to get better! It’s so sad that she left behind her young family, but we are so blessed to have this gospel in our lives and to KNOW that she is happily watching over them from above. Justin will do so well in New Mexico, I know he will! They are such a great family, and I hope to help them any way that I can. And Sister Taylor was seriously the best! She was so fun and was the life of the party in young womens! Haha she is happy where she is, preaching the gospel right now, I’m sure. Please tell the Taylor family I love them and hope they are doing well.

Thanks for the package coming! I’m so excited! I love this area and my comp! We have one on date for the 29th and others coming!

We have a new senior couple from our stake, serving in our stake! They are so cool, elder and sister haymond, and they have served in Riverton before in the south mission. They are great! And help us out a lot.

Tomorrow, as a mission, we are all going on a hike to ensign’s peak in our proselyting clothes haha. We’re so excited! I’ve never been there before, so we’re stoked!

Also, I saw one of my converts from Taylorsville south stake! Eddie, the Samoan guy from all those pictures. His ysa ward meets in one of our buildings, and he just got the priesthood that day! It was so great to see him progressing in the gospel. Especially since I got transferred right when he got baptized. It’s so awesome.

Oh yeah, and last week I forgot to tell you, but I crashed my bike. All is healed, except my ankles still broken.

Haha just kidding. It wasn’t that bad. But I got my first official bike crash! It was fun. And last night we got a crazy rain storm out of nowhere! But we JUST got to dinner when it started, so it worked out okay, the Lord watches over us for sure. 🙂

So… favor, can you find out Sireena’s address? Or just tell her to FLIPPING write me? 🙂 k thanks. haha

Anyway, thanks for writing, I hope you have fun at work. love you all!

❤ Sis Kuoha ❤

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