September 18, 2012

Hey mom! Just got your package yesterday! It’s awesome! Here’s a pic of me with all the stuff 🙂 thanks sooo much! I’m sure everyone will enjoy it, too!

Awww I miss Alice!! Haha she’s soo cute, misty sent me a pic of her swimming with lily! So cute. She definitely is spoiled!

Great to hear about the room situations! I’m glad everything is working out at home and stuff. Sounds awesome.

The funeral sounds like it was amazing! I’m sad I couldn’t go, but I’m glad there were many people to enjoy it.

Thanks for the pics and the love. The work is going great. We have 2 people on date, and we’re working on another coming up, the situation is just a little complicated. But we are having lots of fun! I have been sick the last couple days though, just a cold, but it makes it hard to focus and stuff, but I’m getting better already! Especially after getting that awesome package. Did you get the idea from pinterest? It seems like a pinterest thing haha. But I love it!

We went to ensign peak on Wednesday and it was so fun! It was a crazy hike; we only had like, 20 min to do it… haha so it was tiring. But so great! And after that, we went to this is the Place heritage park! It was so cool! We got to spend like, 2 hours up there just checking it all out. It was sooo fun! And at the end, we all went to the chapel and had a testimony meeting from all the departing missionaries. They’re all leaving on Oct 10, and about ten of them are going! It’s crazy! So I’m sure we’ll get a lot of new missionaries next transfer. My camera was dead that day, though, so I’ll send some pics when people email them to me…


Sister Brittany Kuoha

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