September 25, 2012

Hey! Sounds like you had an awesome week!

I’m glad the Visalus meeting was great, I’m sure it will help you all become even more motivated than you already are! Sounds really fun!

Tell the kids I said good job on their primary program parts!!! They are so cute, I love them! haha they are the best! And tell love bug I said thanks for her picture in the box… are they mermaids? haha and for the bag, I know she picked out the pink bag with pandas haha. ❤

That’s awesome that the elders got their investigators to church!! This past Sunday was the Brigham City Temple dedication, so EVERY church block was cancelled in Utah- we all had the opportunity to attend the dedication in our stake centers if we had a temple recommend. It was soooo cool! I have never experienced a dedication, so it was very exciting! And the church buildings that were showing it became extensions of the temple, so it felt like we were in the temple! Which was nice, since we don’t get to attend the temple. It was just hard to get our investigators to church cuz there was none… haha.

That’s so crazy that there was a fire up there! But that field is always dry and scary haha. But I’m glad nothing got ruined and nobody got hurt. That’s awesome!

It has been cold and rainy the past two days, and then it should get a bit warmer… but it will get colder and then in October, it will just go down and not get warmer after a few days. haha. So…. yay…. 😛

We have about 4 people that we are preparing for baptism, but only one is officially on date. But the others are very promising! We are excited for our work. This has been a hard transfer for baptisms because there are 2 weekends that they can’t get baptized, last weekend and next weekend. Dang! But we are hoping we get to stay in the area and keep those wards so we can continue to teach them. But next transfer, they are splitting our stake so elders will get half the wards. We are kinda bummed…. but it’s all good.

Also….fun news!!!! WE GET TO GO TO GENERAL CONFERENCE! I’ve never been, so I’m so excited!!!!! We get to go to the Saturday afternoon session, which is AWESOME cuz a bunch of kids from our stake are going to be singing! So we’re soo excited!
But don’t come see me. hahaaha I will be SO mad! 😛 but look for me on TV 🙂

Some things you can send…..

My etnies snow boots, some pictures, uhhh i can never think of anything I need you to send me until its too late….. If I think of anything else, I’ll send you a quick postcard haha. Sorry!!! IDK,  I’m just doing well. So I don’t think I need anything. A skirt with pockets would be nice haha. Some nice skirt with pockets. 🙂 thanks!! You guys are the best! I love you all and I hope you have a good week!


Sis. Brittany Kuoha

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