October 2, 2012

Hi! I can’t believe it’s that hot there! Everyone has been telling us that tomorrow’s high is going to be 68° so, we’re ready with our coats. I am not really allowed to wear capri leggings, they have to be all the way down to my feet, so the end doesn’t show… sorry! But I could wear them under pj’s I guess, but if you can put more use to them than me, go for it.

It shouldn’t snow until the end of the month, but I’d like to have the boots before then, so I’m not waiting haha. but thanks! I’m so excited for the package! I know old navy has skirts with pockets…hint hint.. haha. jk

So yeah, we got to go to the relief society broadcast as well! it was AWESOME. Seriously, they are such great speakers, and the topic of the atonement is my favorite, I’m so glad we were able to go!

So Sunday, all 4 of our investigators were at church!! and some less active members we have been meeting with! We were so excited! one is on date for the 20th and one for the 27th of October! we are so excited, and so happy to be teaching these people. they are awesome! On transfers, the 10th, we may lose them though, because we’re pretty sure elders are going to take over that half of our stake…. bummer!!! but if they are sister referrals, then we can keep them. 🙂

People here are AWESOME and treat us so well. so well, I think I’m going to gain a thousand pounds. But I have at least one shake every day, so hopefully that helps? haha… But we’ve been doing really well; we’re just kind of nervous for transfers coming up. Oh, and make sure you send the package within the next week, or wait until after next Tuesday. Cuz if I’m transferred, I’ll have a new address. thanks!

I’m so sad president Smith is getting released!!!! oh man, that’s a bummer! He really is the best stake president. He’s awesome! but let me know who gets called!!! I’m curious. That’s exciting about missions and mission calls!! Missions are SO fun haha.

We are doing really well, I have awesome friends and family who write me and the members here are so cool. I actually saw a family from my last area the other day cuz they drove by and stopped us and we talked for a bit haha. It was awesome.

I’m a bit nervous for the cold, so we’ll see how that goes. But thanks so much for the pictures! Lucius looks like he had TONS of fun at the scout thing :))

Give everyone hugs and kisses and love from me!! Even Alice who is a butt for eating those cupcakes. But I have a package I’ll probably send next Tuesday to you guys, and I’ll have a surprise for the kids! 🙂

Love you I’ll send pics in the next email!

Have a great week!!! <333333333

Sis. Brittany Kuoha

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