October 9, 2012

Hey mom,
Yep I got my box!! Thanks so much!! So could you also send me my surfboard flash drive and some pictures?? I’m preparing a box to send you guys with some stuff but idk when I’ll send it. 😛 and a family I know might go to San Diego for Christmas, so if they do, I’ll send it with them. 🙂 thanks!

Conference was so awesome!!!!! We were at the sat afternoon session and didn’t even know about the announcement till we were on our way there! So crazy!! I’m kinda glad they waited to announce that till after I left, cuz I don’t think I would have gone at 19! Haha. But that means we are going to get so many new missionaries!!! I didn’t see anyone at conference, except for some missionaries from the south mission. It was pretty cool! But it was such a neat experience to actually be in the same room as the prophet and to actually listen to them speak! We saw a lot of the kids in our stake singing, too! So cool!

We just had transfer calls last night, but my comp and I are staying together in our stake, except elders are coming in and taking 3 wards, so now we’ll only have 4. Kinda bummed, but at the same time, it’s good.

We haven’t had our baptisms yet, they are the 20th and the 27th. But we’re excited! They are pretty solid!

That’s cool that you guys are going to st. Louis! How close is that to Nauvoo? You should totally go, I really want to!

That’s cool you got a letter from DJ! Tell him I said hi too, I guess haha. Although he could just write me! 😛 elder Shenck said he gets to eat dinner with DJ’s parents pretty soon cuz he’s in Redlands. So that’s cool!

It’s pretty FREEZING here. Idk the temp but we always have coats on! Geez it’s crazy! Some people’s gardens have even had frost already. It’s crazy! But we’re excited for Halloween haha. We get to be missionaries! 😛 but I’m doing well

Hope you guys have an awesome week!!
Love you!

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