October 16, 2012

Hi mom!

That’s so crazy about the new stake presidency!! That’s awesome, although I will miss president smith, and his counselors! I know bishop Payne will do awesome! he’s the greatest!

I’m glad you guys got to spend so much time at the temple, I really miss it! we don’t get to go, but I’m hoping maybe once during my mission!

That’s great about your stake conference, idk when ours is, but I may be transferred by then anyway haha. That’s way cool that Misty and the kids got to go to Vegas! I’m glad they had fun. I bet her business is gonna keep going up!

I miss misty’s foooooood!! I wish I could have food like that here… everyone makes casseroles. haha jokes. But they make a lot of them…but everyone here is awesome and treats us really well! We have two people on date, one for the 27th and one for November. and we’re taking the one for November to temple square this Saturday! We’re so excited! He’s golden! Already tells people he’s a Mormon. haha.

Anyway, not too much happening here except that its getting colder!!!!! Like, really cold. It’s already snowed up in the Wasatch mountains…. so I’m sure snow will be here in a couple weeks. :/ dangit.

Anyway, I miss and love you guys!!!!!! Write soon! I only got one letter this past week, and it was from sister Burtenshaw, a busy missionary!! haha. Please write soon. I love you guys!

Sis Kuoha

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