November 6, 2012

Hi mom,

Glad you got the pictures and stuff, I wasn’t sure I put enough stamps on it or not.

We have another investigator who should be baptized the 15th, but there are a lot of complicated things going on with that so we’re really bummed that it probably won’t work out for right now.

We love our blankets and sister Burtenshaw said you guys are too awesome haha. Thanks so much!!

I’m really glad you guys had an awesome time at the convention in st. Louis, sounds way fun!

It is getting colder here, it is supposed to snow this weekend, but today is beautiful. We’re glad. And not too excited for this weekend, but we’ll be alright, we have plenty of warm clothes.

So, wanna hear something really shady? My companion and her last companion picked up this guy Donny as an investigator a few months back, and taught him a few lessons and then passed him on to the YSA elders to teach him. He couldn’t be baptized until he paid his child support, and so they were mainly teaching him to help him continually progress. But the last lesson they had with him, he straight up hit his step dad in the face so the elders left and said they probably won’t go back for a little while. Well, while we were visiting a couple last night who live on the street right north of them, they asked us if we heard about the stabbing that happened that morning at like, 3 am. And we were like, what?? In this ward? That’s so crazy! And they started describing the house and we were like, OHMYGOSH. We totally know that guy! So the kid stabbed his step dad to death! And ran away into the field behind his house. But the cops caught him so I guess we’re safe now. But that’s so crazy!! We totally knew him! And we told the YSA elders and they flipped out. It was crazy. That’s the crazy story for the week, I hope you enjoyed it.

So also, a mom in one of our wards asked me if you were on and I said I had no idea and I would check. So there’s that.

And someone else asked for Aunt Debbie’s roll recipe cuz I was bragging about them and missing them.

Also, tell Danielle to WRITE ME! And tell her that I saw a kid with a parkway drive sweatshirt and wanted to hug him cuz it reminded me of her, but then I remembered that I’m a missionary, so I didn’t do anything.

And we walked into our investigators for a lesson on Friday I think, and they had the USC v. Oregon game on and I totally saw Miu’s twin brother, Hamani, playing. That was weird, but cool.

Anyway, thanks for writing and for being awesome, I will continue to pray for you guys and I hope everything works out with your work and what you want to do. And good luck training for the 5k! Sounds awesome. We are having a “beat the president” 5k run on thanksgiving and our president challenged us to beat him. Or walk with his wife. Haha. So I’ll walk with her. 😛

Thanks for the pics, I’ll send some in a min. I LOVE YOU!!!

Sister Kuoha

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