November 13, 2012

Hi mom,

Thanks for the pictures. I can’t believe everyone is getting married! geez!! The package has helped a lot, the blanket and boots are doing awesome. it snowed like crazy fri and sat! I will send some pics soon.

Tell bubby I said good job on the concert!! that’s exciting I hope he’s liking it!
yeah, that sounds like our Sundays! we are in 3 sacraments a week, and usually 2 or 3 meetings, and then appointments in the evening. I’m usually exhausted. but its fun, too. especially the deaf ward sacrament. last sunday was their primary program, it was so fun!
sorry to hear about your aunt. but glad you got to see lots of people!

Kinda sad about thanksgiving and Christmas though, i love getting together with everyone! are you not doing Christmas eve too?? No Santa??? Haha. where is gram going for those days? i hope you guys have fun.

It’s pretty cold here… not sure when it’s supposed to snow next, but its in the 40’s anyway. and there’s still lots of snow. I guess they usually don’t get that much snow this early…so that probably means this winters gonna be a bad one. Sad.

We are excited for things coming up tho. next wed is transfers. then Thursday is thanksgiving and we are going to have a 5k race against president or you can walk with his wife. I think I’ll walk. Haha. but we’re excited. And we get 2 hours for dinner instead of 1. so yeah. Lots of food. I’m excited.

But one of our investigators, the most solid, golden guy out there, can’t get baptized til 2014 cuz he’s on probation. so he dropped us. we are so bummed about it! but then last night we found an awesome family that we’ve started teaching. so there are definitely up’s and down’s.

Miss you guys so much! hope you’re having a good week.\

Love, Sister Kuoha

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