November 20, 2012

Hey mom,

This week has been good. We got transfer calls last night, but we’re both staying! So this will be my third transfer with sister Baeni. Pretty awesome! So no changes to address or anything. We’re good.

I sent a Christmas package to Jacob today and I think my bank account exploded, so could you check on that please? Thanks. 🙂

Sounds like you guys are all having fun. Congrats to Bishop Jones! That’s awesome!!! I bet Jacob is excited to hear that. And the temple fireside sounds awesome. I miss going to the temple.

I’m glad you guys had the elders over and are taking the sisters out. That’s exciting! Tell them I said hi. Haha. That’s good that you guys actually have places to go in their area- ours is so small, there isn’t even a gas station in our whole stake. It’s insane. So we have to get special permission to even leave to go to dinner with people.

But we’ve been doing really well. We have a lot of people to teach, so it’s going well. It’s a little warmer this week- in the 50’s. But everyone says it’ll be getting cold pretty quickly. Sad. But I have lots of warm clothes.

On Thursday, we have a 5k race with our mission president and his wife. That should be fun. And then a dinner appointment. We’re excited. Sister Baeni has never had a thanksgiving dinner! So she’s gonna flip out. Haha.

No I don’t really get mail from the family. This past week I got a letter from Phalon, a letter from Jamie, and one from sister Burtenshaw. So not too bad. But there’s room for improvement!!!!! 😉 But yeah, I did get that package from auntie Nani, it was AWESOME. Haha. But oh, could you send me more shake mix? I’m almost out. I have enough for about two more shakes. Thanks! But don’t send any more treats… I’m kinda treat-ed-out… haha. And I can’t eat them fast enough I feel like I’m a storage unit now. Haha! I’m good with letters and pictures I can put in my photobook.

We don’t know what we’re doing for Christmas yet, but I hope we get to go to temple square and see the lights, I’ve never seen them in person! So hopefully.

That’s really sad about auntie Cheryln… I wish I could’ve seen her at the reunion in July! 😦 But I will pray for her as well.

I’m glad you get to be the own endowment coordinator! I remember going through and my lady was so nice to me, I was obviously scared out of my mind, but you’ll do great! I’m jealous you guys get to go to the temple each week. I can see two from my area, and can’t go to either! It’s really sad. But I will go all the time when I get home. I tell everyone my parents work in the San Diego temple and they’re all jealous. Haha.

Well I love you and miss you all-give the kids and Alice a huge hug and kiss for me. Write soon! I love you!

Sister Kuoha

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