November 27, 2012

Hi mom! Anything from this week that has been going on?

We are doing well, I am really tired a lot, and I almost cried thinking about wings n things last night…… We will stop there on the way home, please.

Anyway, I don’t have any pics sorry, I thought I would. But I will soon! We will be making a Christmas card and sending it out, so watch for that!

I got a letter from Danielle and the Gilman’s, down the street! Awesome! I will write them back today.

How is everything going? I miss you guys a lot! We are doing well, trying to find more people to teach, but it’s hard. But everything is going well. Okay are you ready for the big news??

OUR MISSION GETS TO GO THE SALT LAKE TEMPLE ON DEC 6TH!!!!!! We are all SO excited!!! We get to FINALLY go to the temple, and the lights will be up by then, too! We’re so stoked.

Anyway, not much to report, oh except I made my comp crash on her bike and now her elbow might be fractured. I feel horrible. :((( But it’s definitely getting better.

Anyway, tell everyone I said hi and I miss them!

Love, sister Kuoha

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