December 11, 2012

Hi Mom,

We go to the community college institute building to email. We used to go to a stake center, but it’s out of our zone now, so we can’t. But that’s fun that you got to take the sister missionaries out to dinner! Tell them I say hi! There’s a sister here who’s pretty new from Moreno valley, cool, huh?

OH WE GET TO SKYPE ON CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I’m getting a box ready to send home, so I’ll send it off next week, unless that one family is going to SD then they’ll take it to you guys and you can meet them! 🙂 I haven’t heard from them yet though, so we’ll see.

Well, this week has been great! It snowed, and will snow again thurs-sat and it’s SO COLD. The highs are in the 30’s and at night, its ridiculous. But I am so warm with all the hand warmers and gloves!! Yay! Thanks!

Things are going really well, too, so we’re excited. The temple on thurs was AWESOME, but we weren’t allowed to bring cameras so i don’ have any pics of the lights 😦 But it was amazing, and I really noticed the amazing woodwork inside. Those pioneers put so much work into every little detail! It really is amazing.
OHMYGOSH those pictures you sent are AWESOME! I am so glad you all got to hang out!! That looks so fun! (and that restaurant is SO GOOD) haha! That’s awesome! I am excited for you to see DeVon! If I send a gift home for him will you give it to him??

That sister missionaries youtube is an AWESOME video!! ( That’s so cool! i know that a lot of sisters are going out, but to see them all so excited about their calls is AWESOME. I hope we get more sisters in January!

i love you!!  gotta go, give you details about skyping next week when i figure out a place to do it! thanks so much!! love you!!!! Have a  good week…


Sister Brittany Kuoha

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