February 5, 2013

Hi Mom,

Thanks for the pics and the email!!! Sounds like you’re still busy, even without work! haha. I hope it’s all treating you well, though.

So I went to the dr.’s again today and I should be good to go. That’s awesome that Brandon got the job!!! That was pretty perfect! I’m sure he’ll do a great job, too.

How is the primary going? I got the package from the trading thing, but it had a skirt that you already sent me one of, and a shirt that was too small, the blue one. so I’ll send it back. but I don’t need anything else. Well, I need some fleece lined tights, but I’ll just pick that up today. And I think I need your account info for the trading website to send it back.
But yeah, I’m doing good, Sis Kubbe told me you told her to tell me that I can go shopping haha. So I may. I had to get new boots on sat cuz mine have holes in them and it feels like stepping in puddles. but these aren’t as good as the others… and I just want to get them fixed cuz other than the holes, they are in great shape!! So idk what to do. I had someone take them to a shoe shop but he said he couldn’t fix them idk why…. its sad.

But yeah, I have ones now that I got from payless. maybe by the time these wear out I wont need new ones anymore… hopefully!!

Anyways, things are going well, transfers are next week and we’ll lose half the stake again. But then again idk if I’ll be in the area still. Next week, I’ll have been here for 6 months!!  I had a dream I stayed for my whole mission, so that would make it 15 months total in one area. haha crazy.

Tell the Facers I said hi and that they should write me!!! ❤

Anyway I’ll send some pics now, love you!!!


Love, Sis. Kuoha

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