February 19, 2013

Hi mom!

Holy crap, this week has been really good, but really slow. I think it’s just cuz I don’t know this area as well as Bennion, so I feel like I’m kinda lost sometimes. But I’m getting it down. We only cover 3 wards, and only the English ones… But we met an awesome Samoan family that gave us tons of food the other night. πŸ™‚ it was awesome. This stake is pretty darn cool. We picked up a new investigator on Thursday and she seems pretty dang golden! But she couldn’t meet with us last night, so we’re hoping to see her again soon…. But we’re excited for her.

I hope everything is going well in my old area… There were a lot of people that we were working with, so I just hope everything is going well with them. When I left that area, it seriously felt like I was leaving home again. There are people there that are just like family, and it was so hard to leave!! It was sad. But one already wrote me so it was awesome. πŸ™‚

I love this place here. The family we live with is super awesome, their son just left earlier this month for his mission downtown in the family history center. So cool! And even though he’s so close, he still can’t see them or call them or anything. Just emails and letters. But he’s a cool kid, he’s doing pretty good I guess. And they have two dogs!!! And one is a black lab and reminds me of Alice!! His name is cooper though. And he studied with us today. It was awesome. And the kitchen is downstairs, so it’s awesome.

My companion is sister Swearingen. She’s from Texas, somewhere outside of fort worth. She’s awesome. And hilarious. And we’re digging this transfer. It’s fun. But its only 5 weeks for some reason? So we don’t know if that means that the next will be 7… Or if all the transfers are moved back a week… But we have a special training meeting tomorrow so I hope we find out more then. I’ll keep you updated.

I definitely got the package!! Thank you so much!! It’s awesome! And yes, lily, I loved the shirt. πŸ™‚Β And the valentines!!!! That was so cute. πŸ™‚ Man, Lucius is getting very good at writing!! I am impressed. And sounds like he’s having fun with the trumpet!! Gosh, I miss those kids so much!! But it sounds like you guys are having tons of fun and doing well.

I hope you are all getting along. Something I have learned, is that nothing goes right unless we have the spirit with us. And contention is of the devil. I love that Christ is there and the holy ghost can be with us if we are like Christ and are loving. I have realized that as I’ve had difficult companions… If you just love them, serve them, and do all you can to get along, you will. And the lord will help you, because you’re trying to do something good. Especially with family. I realize that while growing up, Jacob and I hated each other to say the least. Haha. But now, as we are serving and loving, we are really close friends and I’m sure the lord has blessed us with patience and love for each other. Just as an example.

But anyway. Things are going really well. I love my mission. It’s hard, but worth it. I will pray about my future, cuz who knows what I’m gonna need to do. But anyway, love you guys!! Thanks for everything!!! Miss you so much!!

❀ Sister Kuoha

Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert!

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