March 12, 2013

Hey mom!

This week has been pretty awesome. My comp and i are doing really well together, she’s awesome. She’s from outside of fort worth Texas, in Granbury. she’s so funny, and we get along really well.

We have had a hard time with people here lately, but we are working hard and trying to improve everyday. I have been blessed with a companion who makes me WANT to improve. Sometimes I would get defensive and prideful when receiving correction from a companion, but she knows that we both need to improve and she is willing to help me and work hard with me. So, i’m excited. We are doing well.

I got a lot of pictures from Jacob, and he sounds like he’s doing well! That’s awesome.

I am SO SAD to hear about Shay!!! How are the kids and Laura? Is he still in the hospital? Is he improving? Please tell them I am writing them today and I am praying for them.

I don’t really need anything, the weather is getting nicer, so i don’t have to wear thicker tights as much. I think if I needed anything drastic, I could buy it here. How much do i have in my account?

Thanks for the upcoming box! I’m excited. I got one postcard from Connie this week… and nothing else… so that’s kinda sad. hahaha.

Sounds like misty had a good birthday! How is Chris? Is he in California still? Have fun with Tony in Texas and give DeVon the BIGGEST HUG EVER!!!! And tell him I love him. 🙂

I know that even though we have hard times sometimes, that the Lord is still with us if we let him. I love this work, and all the things I am able to do out here. I now understand what they mean when they say that missionaries don’t want to go home. I finally feel like I’ve figured out how to do what I need to, and then I only have a few months left. I am a bit sad about that, but excited to see everyone.

Well, it looks like you all had a great week, and that you’re doing well. Misty sent me a bunch of awesome pics.

Well, write soon!! I love you! have another great week!


Sis Kuoha ❤

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