March 19, 2013

Hey mom!

Good news, we got transfer calls last night and we’re both STAYING!! yay! This has been an interesting transfer, but my companion is a million different kinds of awesome, and I’m really glad we get to stay together. We are working on being the BEST missionaries out there! we’re excited.

We get to go to the temple today! The Jordan river temple, so I can’t stay on long. But we are doing pretty good.

I don’t know of anything that i need specifically, but anything is good! actually, some tights would be awesome. and not the thick ones… it’s getting warmer… haha. But my companion likes rice crispy treats… homemade ones! haha. And oh my gosh, can you have Misty make more peanut butter cookies?? Anyway, I don’t think I need anything else. Just letters would be good!

I am so sorry to hear about auntie Cherlyn… but you’re right. She’s not in pain anymore.  Tell dad I love him and I hope to hear from him this week. I understand he’s busy, so I hope he doesn’t feel bad…

Thanks for everything!

I love you!!!

Sister Kuoha

Jordan River Temple


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