April 16, 2013

Hey mom! Guess what. It’s snowing. yup. not cool. well, it’s a flurry, but still. not cool!
but this week has been alright. we have been TRACTING like crazy! and not many doors have opened. we have a lot of work to do here. so, we’re working on it.

I just got a shirt from Stacy yesterday for my birthday! its awesome. I’ll send pics, too. haha.

Anyway, there isn’t much to report this week. we’re still trying to find people to teach and baptize. we’re not having the luck we hope for, but we had a really great fast Sunday this past weekend, and we feel like things will keep moving forward.

Sorry I am getting distracted, there’s this crazy dude listening to really loud metal music on his headphones in the institute computer lab. its ridiculous, actually.

Anyway, I am looking forward to my year mark, it’s coming up. I am officially unsure of my release date, though. so don’t plan any days off yet!! but I’m sure you will find out when the time comes.

Jacob seems to be doing really well! he writes me every week and sends pictures sometimes. its awesome. sounds like we’ll have to go to Costa Rica to pick him up in a year! that would be extremely fun. anyway, sounds like everything is going well back home for everyone. I hope so!

did anyone get my email address? I don’t have friends emails, but they can email me now! (even though letters are much more appreciated). 🙂
well, have a good week!!

I love you!

Love, Sister Kuoha

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