April 23, 2013

Hey mom!

Looks like you had a good time in Hawaii!  I wish I could have gone! But the reunion in 2014 sounds AWESOME! I am totally down for that. 🙂 I am excited.

Well, nothing is really new here, we are trying to teach the people we have, and trying to find more, too! but its hard… they are out of town, or too busy. So we have to keep telling them of the importance of our message. It’s difficult sometimes, but the Spirit is the one who will convert them, not the missionary! So, we have to keep the spirit strong in our lessons.

It’s still pretty chilly here, but hasn’t snowed in a couple weeks. I hope its nice back home! I definitely miss the California weather…. that’s for sure. But everything is pretty good.

It’s nice to hear from my friends haha. Seems like its been forever. Oh, well it kinda has. haha. But the mission really is fun! It’s HARD, that’s for sure, but its worth it.

Oh, so i’m going to start working on my personal progress too. Cuz i can get it while i’m on my mission, but I can only work on it on p-days. But I have 6 months to do it! I think I can get it done. We will see… I will try, and the yw president in the ward I live in said she’d love to help, so I’m excited.

Anyway, i’ll send some pics right now.

I love and miss you!!!!

Sister Kuoha

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