May 7, 2013

Hey mom!

This week has been pretty good. My new (old) area is doing really well. My companion is such a hard worker and loves the work out here.

I still struggle out here, I’m trying not to be tired but, it’s a lot easier to not be tired when there’s a lot to do. Which sounds weird, but you just don’t have a lot of time to be tired haha. So it’s worked out pretty well. I do miss my old area and companion, but I will see her often. and the work is going well. We have interviews this week and then next week an apostle is coming to speak to us. but we don’t know which one… but we’re so stoked!!!!

I saw an old friend from Bennion at Walmart today and her daughter is 19 and just got called to Brazil!! I’m super excited for her!!!

Anyway, it looks like your trip to Nauvoo and everywhere was really fun! i’m glad! i look forward to visiting there sometime. and i’m super stoked for the family reunion in Maui next summer!!!!!! 🙂 I’ve been missing the beach a lot lately… but it’ll be there when i get back.

Oh, so my release date is Nov 27th. at least, I’m 90% sure it is….. but I’m sure you’ll find out from the president when that time comes. And they don’t turn on the lights downtown until the 1st of December I think. 😦 but yeah… anyway…

I love and miss you all! is my new address up on facebook?? Love and miss you!!!!! Give everyone hugs from me!

Love, Sister Kuoha

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