June 4, 2013

hey mom!

This week has been awesome! We just had a miracle kid drop out of the sky. We met him last sat and he’s being baptized this sat!!! We are sooo stoked- missionaries have been working with him for 2 years since he was 8! We have awesome members to help us out and work with us. We had a great week. This week will be even better!!

The weather has been getting warmer, but it’s not too bad- especially since we keep hydrated, and members take really good care of us, don’t worry.

It looks like everything is going well at home!! That’s awesome. My comp and I are doing really well. We are trying our best to one up ourselves every day and be better. Sometimes Satan gets you down and you realize that you are really tired tho! haha. But we’re good.

I’m not excited for transfers next week. We are getting 3 new sisters and none are leaving! so I think she will be training. 😦 Anyway, things are going really well. We have a huge mission activity today for a while and we’re pretty excited!!

I’ll send you pics of that next week, and I’ll send some right now.

Thanks for getting my bank stuff worked out!!

❤ Britt

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