June 11, 2013

Hey mom!!!

So we just got transfer calls last night and sister Veith and I are staying together. Yay! haha. So, I’m pretty stoked for this. We have someone who we just picked up Sunday who is GOLDEN and he is getting baptized on the 22nd and we are taking him to temple square tomorrow with his fiance! she is super active. the Lord is blessing us a ton and we are working our butts off!

It’s so dang hot and dry here, its weird going from so cold to so hot in just a couple of months. it’s really hard, sometimes after we are biking to an appointment, I feel like I just swallowed a handful of sand, but the chapstick Misty sent me is awesome haha, and I have never been so thankful for a water bottle holder on my bike haha. Although, because of all the hills I feel like I will never be able to wear pants again- my legs are so dang big! its ridiculous.

So our district isn’t changing that much, one elder is going home, and one is being transferred, but we have been all really close, we play basketball every morning. We wake up early so we can go to our district building and play together. So today was our last one with elder Blanco, he’s going home tomorrow! So we got there even earlier and played and then we told them all we were gonna take pictures outside and On’e (one of the girls in our ward) gave him a candy lei and then we ambushed them with water balloons!!!! It was SO FUN and I will send pics in a bit.

Ok also- so I had to use my home card for food and stuff last week, so I am totally broke!!! and I need new shoes… I will send a pic of those too… so I was wondering if you could put some money on there so i can get new ones today.

Ok well I love you!!!! write soon

❤ Sister Kuoha

Mission P-Day

Mission P-Day

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