June 18, 2013

Hey mom!!

Seems like you had a good week!! Where is mark going again?? Dang, EVERYONE is going on missions! Haha! Everyone I know will be gone when I get back, it’s weird!

Well, last Sunday (not this past one, but the one before) we picked up a new investigator named RD and he is AMAZING! he is engaged to a fully active member and they are getting married July 6th! We are so excited, and he is getting baptized this Saturday!! He understands everything we teach him and he is SO willing to obey and understand! He is amazing! We went to temple square with them last Wednesday, so here are some pics! He is awesome, and we are so excited!

Anyway, this next Sunday, there is a worldwide leadership broadcast and we are all getting together as a mission to watch it. pretty cool! I’m excited to see what the brethren are going to instruct is with! haha but yeah, I’m excited.

Things are going pretty well! its HOT here, and SO DRY. seriously, my mouth feels like I tried to drink sand after biking up a hill. its crazy! But yeah, it’s just weird, and it’s not even summer yet, so I didn’t think it’d be this hot, but today’s high is 95 and it should be up past the hundreds by next month… sad…

Anyway, how is everything else going?? How was girls camp? I forgot that you were going, I hope you had fun!!

Well, I hope to hear from you again soon!!! love you!

❤ Sis. Kuoha

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