June 25, 2013

Hey mom!! Thanks for the email!

So a few things this email will cover.. haha:

1. our baptism
2. our new investigator
3. my address haha
4. other random miscellaneous information that is probably useless.

  1. RD WAS BAPTIZED THIS PAST WEEKEND!!! we were so stoked for this. he is amazing and his fiance is amazing, too. pictures will be included, but hey, can you go on my facebook and add people? Cuz I have a few people who have added me recently. just wanna make sure they can contribute haha. but yep! it was amazing!
  2. Our new investigator is on date for the 6th, her name is Maggie, and she’s 9. for our first lesson last night, she started singing “ice ice baby” so, she’s automatically the coolest 9-year-old ever. and she’d be the perfect bestie for lily, haha!
  3. The included picture describes it all haha
  4. I got the package- thank you! I do think I have enough vitamins to last me for the rest of eternity, so no worries there! haha. and thanks for the pics! the house looks amazing, and you all look like you’re having so much fun! I’m excited to see you all!

I’m kinda surprised that president sent that already, but I guess they have to get everything settled. well, we can do it either way, really. I’m not picky. The only thing is- if you come pick me up, we’ll have to miss thanksgiving at home, and I get kinda car sick just sitting there doing nothing, cuz I’m not used to being in a car haha. So idk how the 10 hour drive would be. Also, if you come get me, we can see people, and go see the lights, and I wouldn’t have to ship anything home or get rid of anything, cuz I have a lot of crap…..
plus, I don’t like flying. But, if I fly home, then we can make a trip up here in December and see the lights and see people after I’m released. plus, I don’t think president likes missionaries to go around visiting before they’re released officially. But I don’t care, it might be easier to fly. But yeah, just let me know what you decide, and I’m good either way!

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week! I will send pictures now. 🙂

Love, Sis. Kuoha

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