July 16, 2013

Hey mom!!

LOL! I almost put momo, but you’re mom, so I fixed it. Things are pretty dang awesome here. Well, they will pick up, that’s for sure. P-day is always stressful, but, we’ll be fine today.

We have been teaching a few people, but we need to up our teaching pool big time!!! We are working hard to find and teach! then comes the baptizing and full conversion. We know it’ll happen, it just takes a little time and faith and WORK. we are dying in the heat, yesterday was 104* and a little humid. So it kinda felt like home, actually. But I don’t bike at home in weather like that. so it sucked. lol. But then on the way home, it rained a little, and we played pool (it really relieves the stress haha) and listened to the thunder. Every morning we play basketball with some elders in our zone, so its really fun. We have been having everyone sign our journals, cuz transfers is next week! and one of our favorite elders is going home to New Zealand! 😦 but its been a really good transfer.
I really like it here, the people are awesome, the area is awesome, my companion is awesome, and things are good! I think the only downside coming up is that we aren’t allowed to wear backpacks anymore starting Aug 1!!!! We are SO SAD. I don’t think anyone is happy with that announcement. Riding bikes with a shoulder bag is the worst and my shoulder was acting up today as I was trying it out. Anyway, we rode our bikes and got free massages, so its all good, right? haha.

We have an all-mission meeting tomorrow from 12-3 and a sisters training meeting the next day from 9:30am – 6pm!!! Dang! Never had a sisters meeting go that long before…. but I’m super stoked!  Anyway, today we are going bowling with our zone, so we’re super stoked! We only have a few min left today, so write back!

But yeah, thanks for the $$s I will hopefully send his box next week, I couldn’t carry it with me today….THANKS MOM! I LOVE YOU!!!

Love, Sis. Kuoha ❤

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