July 30, 2013

Hey mom!

Whitewashing is very stressful and difficult and frustrating, but to counter it all, the Lord has granted us miracles. We have 2 people on date for baptism currently, and hopefully by the end of this week, we will have 5. We are working hard and our efforts are starting (even if slowly) to show results. But its good. My comp and I get along pretty well.
I think it’d be hard for me to be comps with anyone after someone like Sister V… she’s awesome, and we just get it done together.

But I’m excited for this transfer. By the time it’s over, the weather will be perfect, and we will have worked hard. We’re going to the Salt Lake temple Thurs. this week for a session as a mission! I’m excited! And everything is just in the small stages right now, but I will have more updates later.

Soooo crazy thing!!! DJ wrote to me last week, but sent it to an address I haven’t lived in a year. But I just happened to be transferred back over here that same week! So I got it from the sisters in my district. Weird, right? he’s doing well, he’s working door to door sales because he didn’t think he could go back out to the field, but he says that if he can go door to door, he can go on a mission! So he’s planning to go back out in September!!! That’s so exciting! I’m really happy for him, he seems to be doing really well!

But yeah! So anyway, glad everything is ok and that Alice is ok!!! That was a scary story…. but I’m glad she’s better.

Well, send some more pics! and I’ll send you some now.

Love you!!

Sister Kuoha

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