August 6, 2013

Hey mom,

I am doing good. Things are getting better in our area! We have 3 people on date, and we are taking one of them and his family to temple square tonight. We are very excited! He is being baptized this Saturday with his 8 yr old brother! It will be amazing! We will send pics next week.

We heard about the new temple video the day we went to the Salt Lake temple, so we didn’t get to see it haha. But yeah, I heard it’s really good, I can’t wait to see it!

I love your new scripture study idea! That is a great study idea! I like it. I have been trying to think of good study strategies because I hear a lot of RM’s go home and fall out of the habit, and I don’t want to do that! So that’s a good one.

You told me about that family you met! Ask the missionaries if they have a 15 step stop smoking program. We have one that we teach (not members or anything, but just the missionaries) and it has worked for me in past areas. And then maybe you could offer it to them. Obviously not as they are smoking or just out of the blue, but if they bring it up or bring up that they want to quit, and then you can sit with them and be their support family. That would be really cool!

Yeah, I haven’t really picked out a school yet, but I’ll pray about it more. And I hope everything for our missionaries serving from our wards at home goes well! It’s cool to see so many of the kids I grew up with decide to serve the Lord! that’s inspiring 🙂

Well, I hope you have a great week! thanks for the pictures! I will send some now…

❤ Sister Kuoha

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