August 13, 2013

Hey mom!

Thanks for the pics and the article. haha. Don’t worry, things are going pretty good out here. We had a baptism last Saturday, and it was great! The next day was frustrating and difficult as we had to find a way to get the kids confirmed since they were sick and didn’t make it to sacrament!! But we got it done.

Sometimes things seem harder than they are, but if you take a deep breath and say a little prayer, then it USUALLY gets better hah. If it doesn’t maybe there’s more to it haha.

Anyway, we are having a rough patch now, the two on date for the 24th wont be able to be baptized til Sept because they are going out-of-town. well, the mom is. But the daughter is 19 so we may be able to keep her. She really wants to be baptized, but… yeah.

Anyway, thanks for the pictures and everything. Sorry I don’t have too much time right now. But thanks so much for the box, I will definitely use those things. I love you all so much. can’t wait to see you again!!


Sister Kuoha

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