August 20, 2013

Hey mom,

This week has been pretty good so far! We are working really hard with the people we have to meet with now. They are awesome, but I see a trend of faith. They all need more faith, and that is something that we cannot just teach them. They have to really want to have it, and then act themselves, so we are kind of struggling with that right now. We are working hard though, and good things are coming from it, so we are still doing work. It never stops, so we just keep biking and inviting and testifying.

I went on an exchange on Wednesday with sister Vieth’s greenie as she came to my area and worked with sister Wason. I met a TON of crazy people in that area haha. But I also learned a lot from them, and they all just need a push in the right direction. But so many people have a bad taste in their mouth about the Mormons… its crazy. You never know who you will influence for good or bad, and you never know who knows you are a member of the church. So, you ALWAYS have to keep the covenant from baptism, of taking the Lord’s name upon us and acting as he would, so we can all impact them for the GOOD in the name of Christ. Just my thought of the week, I guess.

I have been thinking of Gram a lot. I am sad she is doing so bad. How often do people get to visit her? Who is going to take care of the house? Does she still remember everyone?? I really miss her, and I hope I can spend some time with her when I get home.

Well, I hope you all had a great week. Sorry I left my camera at home this week….

Well, write soon!! I love you!!

Sister Kuoha

the only pic this week cuz i forgot my camera... but thanks to sister swearingen, i have a photo! lol

the only pic this week cuz i forgot my camera… but thanks to sister swearingen, i have a photo! lol

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