September 10, 2013

Hey mom!!

This week has been okay. It’s been reallllly difficult!! A lot of our investigators have been really shady. and one family told us not to come over anymore… it was pretty heartbreaking. But they wanted us to be friends only, and not fulfill our purpose of being missionaries, so we unfortunately had to choose. It was very hard, but the ward is still trying to be their friends and everything, so I’m just glad that they still have a good influence in their lives.

Tomorrow the mission is going to Brighton up in one of the canyons and we are going to hike (in our missionary clothes, but jogging shoes lol) and have a conference. We are pretty excited! So there should be a lot of pics next week haha.

I’m so glad you were able to celebrate Claudine’s life! I miss her a ton, but I know she is happy and she has such an amazing family that is still going strong!! she has left an amazing impact on my life, and the ward!! tell her family I said hi!!

I hope you enjoy the crazy Sundays haha. I will probably have some ridiculous calling when I get home where I will never have a relaxing Sunday haha.

The weather has been a lot better here!! we have had rain on and off lately, so its been awesome. But then when it stops its humid, and I am actually not used to it. hahah. It’s kinda sad.

Well, I hope you are having a great week! I hope they moved into their house well and are enjoying it!!!

I love you! I will send pics soon.


Sister Kuoha ❤

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