October 1, 2013

Hey mom!!!

This week has been pretty good, we have been finding a few more people to teach, and have been doing pretty well. The people we are teaching are good, less committed than we would like, but still very willing to meet with us and listen. But FAITH leads us to ACT, so we’ve been working on that. But they are all good people, we just want them to know that God loves them.

I’m glad you were able to go and have a ton of fun in Denver! It has been COLD up here, but right now its prefect. Apparently, it will be up and down all fall, (but that’s how it was last year) and it’s good. Hopefully the leaves will fall soon so we can jump in piles of them. That was fun… and Halloween is coming, so I’m gonna have to contain myself on candy. Hopefully I wont have another foreign comp who can’t get enough american chocolate so I can control myself too, haha. I cant wait to see you all!!! I am so excited!

Thanksgiving food…. if aunt Jill is coming, her chocolate pie!!! haha. If Helenadoesn’t come to dinner, she’ll be there like, the next day haha. She’s awesome you will love her. And Sister Burtenshaw will be there, and the Daye family said they’d come!! 🙂 I’mso excited! it’s going to be awesome!

As for the homecoming dinner, I want wings n things haha. I’ve been craving that for WEEKS. It’s obnoxious really, haha. And Chinese food sounds good, fried rice especially. Actually, I want maunapua. mmmmmmmm. haha.

Anyway, I will send some pics right now. I hope to hear from you soon!!!

Sister Kuoha

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