October 8, 2013

Hi Mom,

This week has been pretty good! it actually went by really fast, but its been good. we are teaching a family from Micronesia and we put the mom and one of the daughters on date for the 2nd of November! So we are going to be doing all we can to get them to stay!!
It’s been getting pretty cold here, there is snow on the top of the mountains, but not down here yet. we heard it should get cold this Thursday though, so we’re not too excited. we’ve already got our winter stuff out though, cuz it got down to about 40 last week. I’m hoping it doesn’t snow too much before i get home, cuz I don’t wanna buy new boots, but I might have to :/

Anyway, we have been blessed this past week with being able to see our investigators more frequently and being able to have more come out of nowhere… its been cool. Transfers are next week, so I will find out who my last comp will be and where my last area is. very bittersweet. I feel like I have to grow up now haha. but my mission has been such a huge blessing and I know that I’ll be able to do the things I need to when I get home.
I have been thinking about going to CSU San Marcos and doing nursing. (I’ll have to do more research on the schools though) and stuff like that. But since I’m coming home in the fall, I might have to wait til next fall to go to the uni. cuz of application dates or whatever. and if its close, I might just stay close by. But the first thing I wanna get is a job!! So yeah…

I’m glad you were able to stay safe out there on the freeway! Hopefully your training went well! I have been trying to drink the shakes more regularly I just get lazy with the blender, so it’s just the mix and milk haha. kinda gross texture. I’ve met quite a few people who drink it here! haha.

Conference was awesome here! We didn’t get to go to the conference center, but we got to watch both morning sessions with the lady we live with, and both afternoon sessions with the RS president in the 4th ward. It was really, really good! (would have been better if our investigator wanted to come, but she was too busy watching football…) but I loved the talks! Can’t wait to get my conference ensign!

Well, I cant wait to see you, I love you and miss you!! Have a great week!
I will send some pics now!

Love, Sister Kuoha

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