October 15, 2013

Hi mom!

So I bet from my pictures you are wondering why on earth I am sitting on so many random couches outside. Well, it’s because the city of Midvale has a thing called fall pick up where everyone puts their junk outside, and the city comes to pick it up. well, my neighborhood was supposed to be picked up last Tues. but they didn’t come, so we found all these different couches, and thought it’d be fun to sit on them and take pics. so there you go! We found 5! haha. And they still haven’t picked up the junk yet haha.

Well, I hope your stressful week is getting better with your time away! I hope you enjoy Shania Twain! I remember that one CD that you would always listen to haha. I heard one of those songs in Walmart in Taylorsville, and I could still remember all the words… haha.

I’m so glad you got to spend time with Auntie Nani and Rosie! I cant wait to see them again! I’m glad church has been good! I’m excited to be back and see all those friends again! do you know when my farewell talk is, by the way? I am excited for the holidays!!! and for no snow!! haha. I hope you are having a really fun time! The work is going super great, and I will attach a story I am sending to my mission president! love you !!!!


“Something pretty awesome happened yesterday! Well, as a back story… we were trying to contact the Part-Member families in one of our wards, and we knocked on one house and found out they moved. So we talked to the guy at the door about the Book of Mormon and asked him if we could come back and share more and he said yes. This was about 2 months ago. We tried back a few other times with either no answer, or other people who weren’t interested. So then yesterday, we went back and met the guys mom, and she told us she is a member, but was offended almost 19 years ago. But she also told us about her two teenage daughters that have talked about how they want to be baptized, so we set an appointment for later that day. So we go back at 6 pm and the younger daughter wanted to meet with us, so we taught the Restoration and invited her to be baptized on November 9th and her mom and her both said yes, and were excited!!! We also invited her to the Young Women’s activity that is tonight and she is very excited! We talked to the young women president that night and have her all set up to go. They are also excited to come to church! The Lord blesses you for perseverance!”

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