October 22, 2013

Hey mom!!

This week has been awesome, and not so awesome, but such is missionary work. So, last week was pretty amazing because we have two people we are teaching that have been really interested and willing and excited!! It was awesome. Thursday, one of them came to our scripture study class we have, then we had a lesson with her Friday and set a date for her baptism, then she came to someone else’s baptism with us on Saturday! It was awesome!! But, then she and her son were sick Sunday and didn’t come to church, and then we haven’t seen or heard from her since….. but we are still trying!!

And the other is a 12 yr old who is pretty shy, but excited! and loves activities and we are super excited for her, too! I just know that I only have a few more weekends to baptize people and help them come closer to God, so I need to step it up!!!

Yesterday we had our interviews with our mission president, and they went really well. I was last, and he told me he wrote down in his notes to give me the “last transfer talk” haha. It was basically a pep talk to work hard and sprint to the end because we always remember our missions from the last transfer we serve, and that he doesn’t want me to have any regrets at all and to work hard and do what the Lord needs me to. But I am just super grateful to have been able to serve with him. At first I was sad to leave the other mission, but now, I AM SO GLAD I DID! haha. This mission has been the best thing of my life!!! I don’t think I’ll ever be the same or make decisions without the Lord!!

Anyway, no, Sis. Burtenshaw goes home two weeks before me because of the transfer dates change when the missions split. I’m super excited to have her hang out with all of us! We really want to go to Disneyland, too… haha. I’m excited!! And, yes… I’d love to go to Texas for Christmas! That would be awesome!!!

I miss and love you all so much! see you soon!!!

Sister Kuoha

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